Published Work

Ask a writer, blogger or just anyone who flirts with pages using words, if she wants to be published and she’ll say yes. I’m no exception either.

I hope there is a book in me, one that I shall write someday. Till then a few stories published here and there remain my companions.

With hopes to be published more, here are the two anthologies which have seen the light of day already.

3 thoughts on “Published Work”

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  2. Hi Nabanita,

    Love how you write. This page is enough to have me hooked.. Just discovered your blog through indiblogger and looking forward to catch up on the posts.

  3. Hi Mam

    I am not only one who follow your blog on Fb, many more will be there but one thing i always see in your style is different from your many contemporaneous. The way you fill spirit in your writing is very impressive to me. Pl. keep on blogging your post.

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