Why Having A Woman Mentor Is Important For Women #FeministMondays


Why having a woman mentor is important for women?


Very often I have heard women tell stories of how it’s difficult to work with women bosses. In fact, a year back when I was about to join a project with female bosses, I was warned that it would be difficult. And tell you what, it was. Yes, unfortunately, it was. But I’m here to tell you why it shouldn’t be so. I’m here to tell you why having a woman mentor for a woman is so very important. Why a woman who has the capability and position, shouldn’t shirk from mentoring other women employees.


I think it was in Lean In where Sherly Sandberg also emphasized the same point. It is so important for women who are in positions of power to help, guide and teach women employees. I don’t need to tell you how low the percentage of women in leadership positions is. There is a large chasm between the number of women entering the workforce and the number making it to senior positions. A simple google search will tell you that. You must agree the figures don’t look good. So, if we need to tip the scales in favor of women then we must make the efforts ourselves. It is not enough for 1 or 2 or 10 or even 100 of us to break the glass ceiling. We need to do it as a group, as a sisterhood and bring the entire ceiling down.


But what is it that stops women from helping other women? Or, let me rephrase, why is it that most women I talk prefer working with a male boss instead of a female boss? Why is it that most women share experiences of their lives being made miserable by unreasonable demands or even voiceless female bosses?


It is not enough for 1 or 2 or 10 or even 100 of us to break the glass ceiling. We need to do it as a group, as a sisterhood and bring the entire ceiling down.


Maybe it’s got to do with being taken seriously in a peer group which is mostly filled with men. Maybe that’s what makes women bosses shy away from lending a helping hand or even taking that extra step to do away with myths that surround women at workplaces and stop their growth. Maybe that stops women bosses from mentoring other women.


I think women in leadership positions need to remember that they have the power because they are capable and competent. So, they don’t need to justify their success or their positions to male colleagues nor tiptoe around them. They need to make their presence felt. And once they do that, they need to make sure that the boardroom where they are in a minority looks different a few years down the line. They need to contribute to that. That’s why the role of women mentors becomes all the more important. A women mentor-mentee relationship is one of the ways to fight for gender parity.


Also, who can better understand all that women juggle than women themselves? Many times when women are not given promotions or important projects because they are married or working mothers, it’s the woman boss who needs to step in and make a case for her. On her merit, of course. It’s the woman boss who can stop this decision making based on gender and ask her peers to focus on merits. It’s the woman boss who can show women working under her how to balance work and home because let’s face it most women don’t yet have the luxury to focus just on their careers. The woman boss having already broken the glass ceiling can bring more women to the other side. And this she must do. A mentor is someone who has already been through what a mentee will be going through. When it comes to women, this assumes paramount importance.


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A lot of things have to change in our set up at home and work to help women realize their full potentials. Till that happens, it will help women to have women mentors to show them how to navigate this maze of responsibilities and emerge successfully. Let’s face it when more women sit at decision-making tables better decisions are made and there is a McKinsey & Co study to prove that.


All around the world, most of the decision making is done by men because of the abysmally low representation of women in such bodies. So, in this male-dominated world, it is important for any women who make it make way for more like her.


I’m not saying that a woman should only seek a woman mentor or that a woman mentor should only seek a woman mentee. It’s just that if the circumstances are such that you have a woman who can be your mentor or mentee, then invest in that relationship. This is because you both are essentially going through the same only a few years apart, at least at the workplace. And in the war for gender parity, this is a crucial strategy that needs to be in place.


What do you say?


Why Having A Woman Mentor Is Important For Women. #Women #WorkingWomen #Woman #GenderParity #LeanIn


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8 thoughts on “Why Having A Woman Mentor Is Important For Women #FeministMondays”

  1. I completely agree with your point. In fact, I’ve worked with many women bosses over the years and have never had a bad experience. I am found them kinder and more empathetic. And I remember how in Lean In, she specifically mentions how women managers can play the role of mentors and role models for other women. I think sometimes women in senior positions feel pressured to behave more like men — ruthless and unyielding. Unfortunately, kindness and empathy can sometimes be looked at as being too soft. Perhaps that is why many women don’t prefer women bosses.

  2. All around the world, most of the decision making is done by men because of the abysmally low representation of women in such bodies.

    Yep, only too true.

  3. I completely agree with you here, Naba. Women bosses are at unkind and ruthless to women themselves. A little empathy can change the fact of women not liking women boss.

  4. How right you are! even the most strident feminist will agree that women bosses forget that they were once women themselves….. but indeed those women who still remain true to themselves will always be better at guiding other young women and helping them up the ladder. I have seen this in the case of my two professional daughters who can’t thank their women mentors enough for the correct advice and support they’ve given them.
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  5. We need women mentors yes, but we also need the right ones.

    I once remember having a promotion discussion with a lady manager who tells me that I’m so lucky to be promoted. She used “lucky”, yes, not the amount of work and sweat I’ve put in. She then goes on to add that she’s not accepting a promotion because that will mean she has to put in extra hours and that will mean time away from her children. She made it seem like such a good effort on her side, but I was totally put-off.

    Women need to fight for what they deserve and uplift one another.
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  6. Oh I so agree Naba. We had an all women’s team for a magazine we edited. We were the most efficient of the lot and ended up going home the earliest too. The men would faff around all evening and then sit to work at 8 or 9 and continue till 1 and 2 am and then pretend like they worked so very hard. Women really need to look out for other women.
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