Why Do I Blog?

Why do I blog?


I have been blogging for so long that I honestly don’t remember if I have done a post earlier on why do I blog. But then if I don’t remember, it means I should just go ahead and write one now. I know I have changed quite a bit ever since I started blogging so I’m sure my answers would have changed too. I should also ponder on this to find some answers myself. Maybe to convince myself that I should continue blogging because lately, I have been wondering if anybody even cares that I blog. If it is worth it.


I think the first thing that comes to my mind when anyone asks me as to why I blog is that I love to write. So, I blog because I love to write. Simple. Whether I’m good at it or not is a different issue altogether. Writing brings me joy so I blog. But then I don’t really need to blog for that, do I? I can write a diary or a private blog. That should quench my thirst for writing. So, I guess loving to write isn’t the only reason why I blog.


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I love the idea of being read. A new comment, every new comment excites me. I like the fact that something which I write sitting at my desk in Bangalore can be read by someone in a quaint little town in Europe. When I write about women, I have found resonance in the stories of women from all over the world. There have been some brickbats too. But that’s life. After I became a mother, I have found that my experience as a parent is not that different from those of so many out there. Why just a few months back people from all over the world helped me with suggestions to get my toddler to brush her teeth at least once a day. All these things wouldn’t have been possible without the ease of being read that a blog affords. So, maybe the desire of being read coupled with the need to share my experience as a working mom, a woman and a parent has a lot to do with why I blog.


When I started blogging, I was going through one of the lowest phases of my life. The blog began as a sounding board and in many ways continues to be so. But I feel like I have evolved and my views too. I was very impulsive when I started blogging. I still am that but maybe I have also matured slightly. So, the way I look at things and what I put out there on my blog has also changed in shape quite a bit from the early days. But one thing remains the same, writing down my anxieties, my fears and my experience helps me calm myself. Sharing that through my blog gives me an outlet which wouldn’t have been otherwise possible because talking to people isn’t one of my traits.


The hunger to do well is still there though even after all these years. There have been milestones too but I want to do something more. Of course, these days I wonder if stretching myself to be able to blog makes sense for my health. Or, if it makes sense with all the time constraint I live with. But then I also get anxious when I don’t do anything related to blogging on a particular day. So, maybe in a way, I blog because it has become a part of who I am. It is a part of my identity. Blogging gives me an opportunity to be more than who I am in its own way. Also, blogging is my way of holding on to me even after so many changes in life in terms of responsibilities.


Maybe, I blog because it gives me a purpose to be more.


Blogging has given me a lot. It has opened up avenues I didn’t know were possible and for that I’m grateful. But even without that, I think I would continue to blog because it makes me happy.


So, here’s to blogging, I say.


Tell me, do you like reading my blogs?


And if you blog, tell me why?

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A post where I contemplate about why I blog. After so many years of blogging, you sometimes wonder if blogging is worth it. This post is just a reaffirmation of that. #blogging #blog #thoughts #writing

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  1. I enjoyed reading this post, Naba. What stands out in your blog posts is your passion and your raw honesty. I love your parenting posts as well as those on feminism. It helps that I can relate to so much that you write. Why do I blog? Pretty similar reasons as yours. Love to write, love the community and the support that blogging has brought me, friends and opportunities as well. Here’s to blogging!

  2. You kind of answered the question on why I blog especially in second paragraph. It gives me a purpose to read and you know I can share my thoughts about it especially in my favorite section. In case of liking your blogs, so I cannot say much more, as I just found out about you. But I am pretty sure, in future you will go ahead.

  3. Aaaaahhhhhh…how nnniiiccceeeeee of you, Naba! I love your zeal at this.

    Personally, I blog to challenge the status-quo around me, on the issues faced in the world today.

  4. I share few similarities here, blogging gives me an avenue to share my thoughts with others and also at the same time, document my thoughts and my living.

  5. I started my blog in order to share style inspiration to ladies who never felt happy about their slim selves, or rather, skinny figures as I was often called. But now I’m so at home and I love it.

  6. I have to agree with you on alot of this. I blog first and foremost because I love to write and I started my blog as a way to deal with difficult things going on in my life at the time. It has been my security blanket for a while now.

  7. I love to blog for so many reasons. I enjoy writing and I love sharing what I’m doing with my audience. I love what I currently blog about because I feel that it is an underserved population and I wish there was a resource such as mine when my husband and I started down our military journey.

  8. I blog because I love beauty products and I love writing reviews. So, I started a beauty reviews blog and I love it!!

  9. I loved this blog post 🙂 I enjoy writing blog posts because I get to share my experiences and find people who can relate.

  10. I love your answer that you might do it to have a purpose to be more. Blogging does stretch and enhance our lives.

  11. as a new blogger, I completely relate to a lot of what you said about getting started. My passion for blogging is strong and I hope that flame continues to burn year after year.

  12. I am not a blogger but I do love writing things that base on my own experiences its either good or bad experiences. I think most of the bloggers doing this because it is their passion and also blogging makes them happy aside from that it helps them in earning money.

  13. I really loved reading this post! People blog for so many reasons, sometimes with ups and lows but always with passion! i blog because i love it!

  14. I blog because it is my way to express myself and someone help mom’s with their decisions on products and services.

  15. I blog because I love to share my experiences with the world in hopes that they too can experience what I have experienced. Blogging is also a fun outlet as well when I ‘m feeling sort of stressed.

  16. Love your post and reasons why you blog. I too love to write. I try to keep active and try new things, and it’s fun to share them with other people. I find that when I need to write about something new, it gets me off the couch to go out and find something “blog worthy” to write about!

  17. I really enjoyed throughout this post! Blogging is a fun outlet as well when we feel stressed. Great post!

  18. Hi Nabi, Can I have your official email Id? I want to get in touch as we are collaborating with travel writers at present.

  19. I often wonder why others started blogging and why they blog so it was fun to read your answer to that. I like the challenge myself of blogging and being my true self.

  20. Blogging is a great outlet to share ones expertise on any given topic. I love teaching and blogging helps me do just that. I just found your blog, and wish you many more blogging years and growth.

  21. It is awesome to read why other started blogging, we are such a large community and honestly, it is great when you can get to know about the person who is writing the amazing blog post.

  22. I’m with you on the love for writing turning into a love for blogging. The community too is great. I don’t intend on making money through the blog so there’s no pressure for any of that. Continue to blog and write away Naba! 🙂
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