We are all ONE

“Guard against the impostures of pretended patriotism.” said George Washington….This is a statement that defines the attitudes and thought processes of so many I see around me or read about….In the guise of love for one’s own community or religion or caste;a person inadvertently starts denigrating anything alien to his culture or even the place of his birth….

Think about it…”Non Mumbaikars” but who are Indians being targeted in Mumbai by a certain section;”North East Indians” mocked in every other part of India be it on account of their looks or eating habits;or people being conceited about belonging to a certain Caste or Section of the Society….

What has our Society come to…?I don’t only see these evils in the elderly who belong to a different generation but many more who belong to my generation…A person belonging to a certain state feels that he is the most supreme of all and anyone who does not belong to their society or doesn’t speak their language is just a despicable human being…A Zamindar feels anyone who is not of his caste is just a dimwitted nincompoop….This thought process is not exclusive to only people in villages but it is very much pertinent in educated and the working class…..

Sometimes I wonder what is all these going to lead up to…?So much noise had been created these last few days about “Lokpal Bill” n all the revolution but I am sure about 90% of them still cling to their ancient belief systems of caste or religion or state…So whats the use of all the noise when we cant change this basic vice within us!?Its so simple isn’t it; when there was a blast last week in Mumbai did it kill people based on their caste or religion ? NO…so why do we bring all this dirt into our lives n into our societies….???

There is a very old adage “United we stand; divided we fall” so simple n so true…Can’t we model our society on that…?We all are capable of great things as a nation but a nation doesn’t mean only one state or one region within a country … It is an amalgamation of people belonging to different ethnicity;different religions who fuel the growth of each other.

In a nutshell, Great things can be achieved in small measures if all of us stand together,think big and let go of all that creates boundaries within our own country.

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  1. beautifully said Nabanita…nice post…hope everyone understands this message that u want to give… 🙁

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