Travel This Holiday Season

Thinking of travel this holiday season?


Every time there is a nip in the air, I can’t help but reminisce about the winter vacations of my childhood. Those used to be the favourite time of the year for me, a time for holidays and for travels to new destinations. Now, of course, it is not always about travel but still, this time of the year is welcome due to reduced workloads and some respite at the workplace. And maybe even some travel.


Actually, if you work in the IT industry this is the peak holiday season with most of the clients going for a shutdown. So, winters are still a much welcome part of the year for most of us; a time for trips, a time to rejuvenate, recharge before another year of backbreaking work.


So, am I planning a trip too?


Well, it certainly has been quite some time since our last trip. In fact, we are actually talking about going away for at least a week to forget this timetable driven life that we have come to lead. Of course, every time someone asks me I can’t think of any place better than Goa, specifically South Goa, for the same. But this time the husband wants to go someplace new. So, someplace new it shall be.


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But where can we go?


Well, first of all, it needs to be a place with affordable airfare because holiday season does send them skyrocketing through the roof. A few friends have even suggested places in south-east Asia with ongoing offers of cheap international air tickets to those destinations. But factor in a toddler and a lot of these places need to be checked off the list. Let’s just say we have settled for a beach destination in India, not too far, just someplace near the sea which is accessible through air travel. Yes, because driving for hours with my 2-year-old is not an option.


So, this time we are thinking of Cochin.


We had initially planned to go there on our daughter’s birthday but with everyone in the family falling sick one after the other it had to be cancelled. But now that we have some downtime even at work, it is something we can again look at. I had been to Cochin in the past with my parents and loved it very much. So, hopefully, my husband will as well this time around.


A good property to stay in is a must.


As always we are planning on staying at a Taj property as our main aim is to stay put and relax especially as sightseeing with the little one isn’t that easy. It’s funny how why you travel changes as you keep growing older. A few years back, we would probably have loved to take a look around the city and explore the much talked about touristy destinations as well. But now it’s all about a few days away from the routine, good food and space where the little one can run around and play.


But we will definitely try to cover a few of the places like Fort Kochi, the Kerala Folklore Museum, Santa Cruz Cathedral Basilica and even go see the Chinese fishing nets. And if my 2-year-old is in a good mood even try to explore nearby places. Other than that it’s the local cuisine that I would love to try. And, yes, sleep till late in the day without being worried about the next chore. Sounds like a plan, doesn’t it?


So, that’s pretty much the outlining we have done so far. Tell me, are you going away this holiday season? If so, where to?

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9 thoughts on “Travel This Holiday Season”

  1. Travel is definitely in the cards for us too but maybe next month. Just back from Kerala and Dehradoon, so might visit the nearby places here in Pithoragarh. I hope you have a wonderful trip to Cochin and I really hope the little one enjoys it too. 🙂
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  2. I so wish to go on vacation but won’t be able to. Miss are not getting too many days off. And the elder son has pre boards in January. But I am sure that you are going to have a lot of fun.

  3. It is the perfect time to travel NAba, with moderate to chill weather across the country. With the vacation round the corner, am planning to do a short trip to Singapore!! Cant contain my excitement! Hope you trip to Cochin is a funfilled one!!!

  4. I love traveling in December.. Christmas lights everywhere, chill in the air. Especially love Cochin.. have fun!

  5. Wow! A trip is something that can cheer up anybody and what other way can you have a total relaxation! Cochin is lovely, Nabanita. You’ll love it. You can also do the sunset cruise on the Alleppey backwaters and stop by for lunch at the Zuri Kumarakom which is also a great property to stay in. I remember we had stayed at the Lemontree Wembanad a couple of years back and it was quite good too. And if you simply want to enjoy peace and quiet by the beach, then the Taj Bekal Resort and Spa, is another great option. Wherever it is, I hope you enjoy your break, Nabanita.

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