Top 13 Books I Read in 2018

It’s that time of the year to look back and retrospect. A time to pat yourself on your back, make a commitment to do slightly better the next year. Well, to try, at least. It’s kind of a tradition and is among those few that I really love. And speaking of year-end traditions, looking back at my top reads for the year is something that I absolutely love doing. In the past 3 years, it has become even more so because when I look at the books I have read, it reaffirms my faith that even after motherhood I haven’t stopped doing what I love. It’s a validation in a sense of holding on to my pre-motherhood self which is a promise I had made to myself.


Anway. Speaking of books and reading, I have actually managed to read 45 books this year and am currently on to my 46th which I hope to finish before ringing in the New Year.


Before the reading counter strikes zero with the New Year, I always list my top reads from the year that was. If you have a chance, do take a look at the books that figured in my list in 2017, some great books in there. In keeping with tradition, therefore, here are my top reads from 2018 in no particular order.


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Top 13 Reads of 2018


Saving Monalisa: The Battle to Protect the Louvre and its Treasures During World War II by Gerri Chanel


This is a non-fiction, the story of how a few men and women fought, resisted and lived during the Nazi occupation of France to protect the treasures of art. Sometimes they even paid with their lives for doing the same. What I loved about this book, apart from that fact that it’s a true account of what happened during World War 2, is that even in the worst possible of circumstances these men and women protected what they were passionate about without once thinking that it’s just art. Yes, because it wasn’t just art, was it? It was about their history, about a society’s past and about where they had come from. It’s an awe-inspiring tale and for lovers of non-fiction, a must read.


A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman


This is one of those books that once you start reading you just cannot stop till you have reached the end. And once that last page has been turned, you won’t be able to get this book out of your mind for long. The story, as the names suggest, is about this widower called Ove who in the face if it will seem to you like a disgruntled old man. But as you get to know him, you’ll realise he’s just the most adorable old man ever. Truth be told, I had fallen in love with this character while reading and he now sits right next to Atticus in terms of some of my favourite fictional characters.


Read this before Tom Hanks brings this to life on the big screen. You’ll not regret it. I stake my reputation as a reader on this. Yes, I do.


Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine by Gail Honeyman


Eleanor Oliphant is the perfect heroine you hope to read about in a book. I absolutely adored her. Adore her. Socially awkward, someone who loves to be left alone, Eleanor’s life changes when she meets Raymond, the IT guy from her office. She is so real, her struggles, her demons so relatable in so many ways that I finished this book in no time. And it is one of those which I would love to read again. Also, it is soon to adapted on screen. So, read this before you watch it on the silver screen, I say.


Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty


I loved Liane Moriarty from the moment I read ‘The Husband’s Secret’. But after that, I somehow missed reading her other books. And then suddenly she sort of erupted to the scene with Big Little Lies which I must say turned out to be quite the read.


The book was fast-paced, the characters diverse, interesting and well-written something that isn’t easy. The plot so simple yet so complex that it could only have been executed by an author who knew what she was doing.


And while I was reading the book, this engrossing book, I realised how apt the casting had been in the series as well. I think Big Little Lies is one of those where the screen adaptation was as good as the book.


The Last Mrs Parrish by Liv Constantine


Well, this is one of those books which you will finish reading at one or two sittings for sure. It is engaging and fast-paced. By the time you finish reading this, you’ll probably wonder at the brilliance of the writer who has made a plot, various versions of which you might have read already, so damn interesting. Let’s just say that it’s an interesting battle between two women. Also, there is no doubt on whose side you will be on and how that woman will surprise you.


Erotic Stories for Punjabi Widows by Balli Kaur Jaswal


I came across this book in one of the book clubs I follow on Instagram and was instantly attracted by the contradiction that is its title. And the very next moment, I realised something. Do you know what that was?


Well, the fact that erotic stories for widows seemed contradictory to me. Why should it have unless somewhere in a crevice in my mind the thought was planted subconsciously? Of course, there can be erotic stories for and by widows. Why not? That’s when I decided that I have to read this book and you know what? I’m glad I did for I thoroughly enjoyed it.


I loved the camaraderie between women. I loved the friction between women and I loved that this was an out and out women-centric book. We were there left, right and centre.


The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society by Mary Ann Shaffer,  Annie Barrows


Now, this is a book that just took my heart away. The story is so endearing, the characters so lovable and the premise so heart touching, simple but heart touching, that I cannot believe that I waited this long to read this. This book is about a writer, Juliet and the people of Guernsey whom she discovers through a chance letter. This story has so many levels that I cannot even begin to describe what I loved more. So, I guess you just need to trust my word on this.


Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie


Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie is one of my favourite authors. I loved Purple Hibiscus and Half of a Yellow Sun, so I knew Americanah was going to be a great read as well. And you know what, I was right? The story of Ifemelu and Obinze, their lives in Nigeria, Ifemelu’s move to America, Obinze’s struggles in the UK and their love in the background of Nigeria’s political turmoil, their dreams, their separation yet the love that never really dies, all of these make for a moving read. It’s a book that will stay with you. Ifemelu and Obinze certainly will.


The Namesake by Jhumpa Lahiri


The first thing that caught my interest was the ease with which Lahiri held my attention. There is something soothing in her writing. And I loved that about the book.


Then I couldn’t help but admire how the idiosyncrasies of us Bengalis and specifically that of Bengalis living abroad have been so expertly impressed into this tale. The Namesake, I feel is a story born from the seemingly mundane practice of how as Bengalies we have two sets of names. It is brilliant and her writing exquisite. It is the story of identities, of parental expectations and the turmoil children, grown-up children sometimes have balancing that and their own identities.


Me Before You (Me Before You #1) by Jojo Moyes


You know there are rare cases when the movies are almost as good as the books. This was one of those. But of course, the book has so many more layers to it. Honestly, I loved reading it, every page and every perspective in it. I enjoyed and felt the emotions that the author tried to convey so much so that while at the ending, my eyes welled up with tears.


It’s a love story which made me realise I should read romance more often. You should definitely pick this up if you haven’t already. And watch the movie too. It’s worth a watch.


The Last Girl: My Story of Captivity and My Fight Against the Islamic State


It’s the story of Nadia Murad, Yazidi woman who whose village of Kojo in Sinjar, northern Iraq, was attacked and destroyed by ISIS. The men from her village were killed mercilessly, the women and girls taken as sex slaves by the ISIS. I can’t imagine what she must have gone through. But it’s important that this book is read to know about the horrible crimes that are being committed in the world as we live and also to know about how brave Nadia was to have escaped. Also, to be inspired by her fight for other women and girls like her.


The Woman in the Window by A.J. Finn


This is again a Psychological thriller that I absolutely enjoyed reading. The book is about Anna Fox who has remained confined to her home for 10 months now. Her only connection to the outside world are the windows through which she looks into the lives of her neighbours, trying to guess what must be going on in their lives. Everything begins to change when a new family moves into the neighbourhood. Trust me, this is an engaging read and you’ll have a lot of fun reading it.


The Great Alone by Kristin Hannah


It is the story of the Allbright family, Ernst, Cora, and their daughter, thirteen-year-old Leni who move to one of the remotest corners of Alaska somewhere in the 1970s to start a new life away from everything that happened to Ernst in Vietnam.


This book brings out the story of struggles and survival of two women, Cora and Leni. Whether it is Cora’s tumultuous marriage with Ernst filled with abuse yet driven by love or Leni’s tiptoeing around her volatile father, Hannah subtly yet brilliantly shows the grit of women. I think that is her best trait as a writer, she weaves stories around women and sheds light on their strengths in the most difficult of circumstances. Of course, it’s also about heartbreaking yet moving love stories.


So, that’s my top 13 for this year. As you can probably tell, reading is something which I truly enjoy and I enjoyed with books a lot this year. Apart from that, when someone finds a book recommended by me equally good, it just doubles that feeling of joy. And that seemed to have happened a lot too this past year. So, I hope you as well find one or more of these books worth your while. Also, do tell me, if any of these 13 figures in your top picks for the year.


Happy reading!


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  1. Big Little Lies is one of my favourites and I read it some years ago now. The TV series was not bad – I thought Nicole Kidman did a fantastic job as Celeste – but I hated that they made it American because it’s so Australian. Loved Eleanor Oliphant. I hated Last Mrs Parrish – the first half was awful and I felt for a psychological thriller, it lacked the psychological element to it for the girl to be so entitled. Plus it was predictable. I do have A J Finn’s book and A Man called Ove and I’m hoping to read them next year
    Sanch @ Sanch Writes recently posted…Book Review: Reasons to stay alive by Matt HaigMy Profile

    1. I hope you enjoy A J Finn’s book and A Man called Ove. I actually found the Last Mrs Parish quite interesting even after the predictability. And the funny thing was I read it just after Big Little Lies so I kind of knew what might happen.

  2. Looks like an interesting list of books. I don’t read fiction usually but my wife loves fiction. I will share this list with her.

  3. I love reading books on my free time , I wish my work is less demanding so I have more time for it. You have a great list of book to review so exciting let me know what is your favorite.

  4. These sound like books that would be great for a cold winter day. A cup of coffee and a book sounds good to me.

  5. I just love to read, so I will be adding lots of these to my list. Reading is one way I get my me time!

  6. I have read most of these and surely can say they are amazing reads this year. Need to pick up Americannah

  7. Me before you was amazing! Although I made the mistake of reading it on a plane and bawling in front of everyone. I will have to check out the others on the list. You can never have too many books!

  8. I am so happy that I’ve read a few from this list. I loved A Man Called Ove, Big Little Lies and Erotic Stories. I am currently reading Eleanor Oliphant and have read The Namesake. I enjoyed the movie based on Namesake too. I also have Half of a Yellow Sun to be read so at least the same author. 🙂 I am bookmarking this post, Naba. Will make sure I read all of them.

  9. So many of my favorite books are on the list – The Man Called Ove, Nameshake, Grensery Literary- they are my all time favorite. I am want to read Erotic Stories and Americahan as well.

  10. These are very interesting reads. Thanks for your recommendation. I am eyeing 4 books from your list!

  11. This is such an interesting blog post! These reads sound like a great recommendation for a lot of your readers, Thanks for the wonderful share 🙂

  12. I’m so jealous. I wish I had more time to read. I have a whole bookshelf full of books I want to read.

  13. I totally needed some more recommends for things to read. This is such a great list!

  14. These are some great recommendations. I have read the namesake and I loved it. Erotic stories for Punjabi windows sounds interesting .

  15. Oh, Me Before You and Will Traynor have a special place in my heart. The Woman in the Window is in my TBR list. Adding some more books {from this list}.

    Strange, but I didn’t like A Man Called Ove, couldn’t finish. Plus, I am struggling to read The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society {can’t even pronounce title properly. Can’t remember the name}.

  16. I’ve read several of these. I loved Big Little Lies and the Potato Peel Society! I’ve added several from your list on to mine! Thank you for the suggestions!

  17. Me before you is one of my favorite movies. I haven’t read the book but I bet it’s even more amazing than the movie.

  18. I have read only two from this list – Eleanor Oliphant and Big Little Lies. Bookmarking this post for future. I always love your book recommendations and reviews as they are honest and turn out to be a wonderful read. Thank you for sharing, Naba. 🙂

  19. I need to read Big Little Lies! You’ve read so many books. I’m jealous I don’t have time with my son to read:(

  20. I need to read The Woman in the Window for sure! This sounds like right up my alley! xo, Suzanne

  21. While looking to connect with Book reviewers, your name has popped up a few times by the few I follow. I am so glad to have listened to them and come to your blog for this list is amazing. I have read a few from here and have marked out the rest as your synopsis of them is brilliant! I shall be back to read more Naba!!
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