To My Teachers who made me fall in love with writing..

They say “A teacher affects eternity:he can never tell where his influence stops…”

Honestly in today’s day and age I am not too sure how many of such teachers still exist…But I have been fortunate enough to know a few and to them I dedicate this blog…..

My husband and my sister say that I should write more often as it is a medium through which I express freely and which makes me happy…I write when I am angry or when an issue touches my heart…I write when I am restless or when I am on the verge of breaking down..And at the end of it all I find a calm that is so rejuvenating that I cannot help but wonder when was all this inculcated in me…!?

As I take a trip down my memory lane;I recollect the names of two of my English teachers Miss Kakoli and Miss Baswati…They were the ones who made me fall in love with the art of writing… Whatever little I write or read today, is all due to the romanticism for the language nurtured in me by these great lovers of literature themselves…

Miss Kakoli had taught me the importance of putting my soul in whatever I write even if it was just an essay.. She told me that I need to feel each word that I write because words without a soul are just mere collection of letters and anybody could write that…She taught me to appreciate the power of words…and I cannot help but wonder what would I have done in situations of handicap when the only way I had to vent out my feelings were through writing… Thank You Miss for introducing me to this amazing experience where I gained in perspective and knowledge.

Miss Baswati on the other hand would always throw up new challenges towards me with aphorisms and adages to be enunciated in my own words and with my own understanding…I was never shackled down within any boundary while writing when it came to her….I could explore the horizons and and express myself in whichever way I wanted….She gave me the freedom to be me while writing and not be burdened by the purview of traditional dos and don’ts for which I shall forever be grateful to her…

All I can say is thank you both for introducing me to this wonderful world of expression….It is said “Gratitude is the memory of the heart.” and I shall forever cherish these teachings throughout my life…

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