5 Stress-free Tips For International Travel


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Travelling the world is so much fun – it’s inspiring to see new places and experience new things, and one of my favourite things to do is plan future adventures. However, that doesn’t mean that things always run smoothly, or that a trip can’t be stressful. I think a lot of people have put off the thought of international travel because of the stress that can be caused, so here are five stress-free tips for international travel.


Tips for stress free International trips. #traveltips #travel

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Boss the airport


When it comes to international travel, the stress starts at the airport so the more you can streamline this process, the better. Arrive in plenty of time to avoid rushing if there are any hold-ups, and check in online as soon as you can to tick one thing off the list to do on the day. Staying overnight at an airport hotel the night before can reduce the risk of getting stuck in traffic, and if you prepare the liquids in your hand luggage in advance you’ll get through security much quicker and easier. Wear some easy to slip on and off shoes (now is not the time for lace-up boots!), and don’t bother too much with jewellery as you will have to spend ages taking it all off to go through the scanners.


Book an airport lounge


Airport lounges are the perfect way to start off your trip stress-free! They often have free snacks and drinks (which will save a lot compared to terminal prices) and somewhere to sit and relax. You don’t have to be a first-class flier to get access either, some will let you pay a small fee in order to use them, so it’s a case of weighing up the pros versus the price. Look out for cheap deals or offers, especially if you book far in advance or last minute, and once you’ve tried it for one flight, you will know whether it is worth it for you.


Read the reviews


We live in a time when anyone can review anything and anyone else around the world can read them. It’s great to see other peoples’ opinions, tips and tricks, although it’s important to take them with a pinch of salt – some people will complain about anything!


By reading blogs and reviews you can find out the best way to experience something and how to get cheap tickets, for example, so do some reading up before you travel.


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Tips for stress free International trips. #traveltips #travel

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Be prepared


Have more than one copy of all your documents with you and when you get to your hotel, lock one set of them in the safe, just in case anything gets lost. Spread your money across cash, traveller’s cheques, and cards and make sure you don’t take them all out with you. A decoy wallet is also a good idea too in case you’re robbed – but hopefully, it’s not needed! Have a first aid kit, spare medication, and a portable charger; just be prepared for every eventuality.


Let it go


As hard as it is to do, try not to stress. Things are going to go wrong, but if you hold on to the stress it will ruin your trip. According to The Secret Traveller at 1Cover, you’ll learn that you can put up with so much more than you thought when travelling. Manage your expectations and try to be flexible with changing plans and circumstances. This will help you really enjoy your trip, no matter what happens. After all, sometimes something that seems like a disaster could become an even better experience.


Hopefully, these five tips will help to reduce your stress levels when it comes to international travel, and get you excited for your next adventures!


Do you have any other top tips? Leave them in the comments!


Tips for stress free International trips. #traveltips #travel