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We had a wonderful vacation in Goa last week where we also celebrated our daughter’s first birthday. It was just what we needed really. A couple of laid back days free from the stress of everyday life.


Goa being as welcoming as it is made sure that our time off was truly worth it. While there we stayed at Vivanta by Taj – Holiday Village which was just the kind of place I love staying at during holidays. Quiet, peaceful, green, acres and acres of greens in fact, with the deep blue azure ahead. We loved every moment of our three days there. Honestly, I cannot wait to go back again.


Sometimes all you need is to stop, listen and be with the ones you love. And that was all we did. S and I found so much time to talk while M played around us. We held her hands and made her walk. Strangers stopped to speak to us because of M. With good food and some amazingly relaxing conversations, it was precious family time. We played in the water for a bit which I must admit M didn’t love that much. Also, noticed how our holidays have changed. The playing in the sea was no longer a must. I guess we are well and truly grown up now that we are parents. Well, honestly, I don’t mind it one bit. We spent our evenings having chats and pakoras while watching sunsets from the hotel deck. No crowds, no cacophony, just us and peace. I loved it. We loved it.



What am I without you?


Just me.

Just I.

With you,

I am part of us.

Well and truly us.

Always us.


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Let me leave you with some skywatch captures from the trip.


Have a great weekend.


The Sunset from the Taj HolidayVillage


An Early Morning Capture


Another early morning capture


View from Vivanta By Taj-Fort Aguada


A Steal from my Flight Window



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11 thoughts on “#SkywatchFriday | The Holiday”

  1. Beautiful and serene captures. I am with you on how we change with times. We also now go for quiet, peaceful holidays. It’s so relaxing and helps re-connecting too! Belated birthday wishes to lil Miss. God bless her!

  2. Loved the clicks, the poem and the thoughts. You know when Sid was a toddler, I remember that most people would talk to us because of him. He would smile and chatter with everyone. πŸ™‚ The munchkins are the cutest at this age. Oh how I miss that now.

  3. Such gorgeous pictures Naba. Goa in this season is always welcoming. Also, don’t write off your days of playing in the water. Let M grow up a bit and you probably will have to drag her out or be in there with her forever.

  4. Some beautiful captures, Naba. And yes. We all need to have that little time to spend with our loved ones, alone, just for ourselves. I am so glad that you took this holiday with your lil’ one. In fact, I said this with a smile to my husband too. God bless, Naba <3

  5. These are such beautiful pictures! And I loved the poem. Family time indeed is such peace and is like a cold wind on a warm day. Welcoming and needed.

  6. Pictures are really mind blowing. Travelling is amazing experience to come of our hectic schedule. And travelling to goa is really a needed one for our self peace and a feast to our eyes.

  7. Really lovely captures. You are so right, sometimes all you need is to stop and having some alone time with the ones you love far from the maddening crowds :).

  8. Such lovely shots, Naba! Love the serenity of the pictures and in your words. Looks like this vacation did you a lot of good πŸ™‚

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