Some Relationship Advice On Valentine’s Day

Looking for some relationship advice on Valentine’s Day?


The other day the husband and I were watching the movie, Churchill. In that towards the very end, there is a scene where Churchill and his wife have a heart to heart conversation. It was a conversation which both my husband and I liked best about the movie.


What was the conversation you ask?


Well, I don’t exactly recall what was said though I do remember thinking that that’s the kind of comfort and space a good marriage, a strong relationship should have. I remember telling my husband that maybe we too had become this 80-year-old couple! Well, after over a decade together it does feel that way.


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But, on a serious note, that scene reminded me of a conversation I was having with a couple of my workmates about what constitutes a strong relationship, a good marriage. I remember telling them that comfort is very crucial in any longlasting relationship. In fact, I would go so far as to say that comfort in each other’s company is one of the basic tenets of a successful relationship and marriage. This actually translates into the freedom to be yourselves while being a couple, while being together. Honestly, it is something I truly savour. And it is something, I believe, we all should savour.


Comfort in each other’s company is one of the basic tenets of a successful relationship and marriage.


So, today, I’m going to share with you some golden nuggets of relationships which I have witnessed in couples who have been together for a long time. These are lessons I try to imbibe in my life as well because let’s be honest here, I’m no expert in relationships either. Also, some are realizations I have had over a period of time.


Some Relationship Advice On Valentine’s Day


A marriage where you try too hard to please your partner can never be a happy one because you will eventually get tired of being the only one making an effort.


It’s true love when even a simple hug at the end of a tiring day gives you the assurance that you have each other.


A good marriage gives space to both individuals to grow independently while being together.


You can’t have a strong relationship without having fights with each other. Of course, there needs to be that underlying feeling of love even when you are pissed off with the other.


A strong relationship is a perfect relationship. But a perfect relationship is not always a strong relationship.


Distance is nothing when it comes to true love.


A marriage needs both individuals to be equal. Neither should be placed on a pedestal.


The families of both the husband and wife are equally important and unimportant in a good marriage.


Don’t have a child to strengthen your marriage. Have a child because you want to because a marriage which needs a child to survive seldom does.


A good wedding is never a guarantee of a great marriage. So, choose carefully.


And the last one….You know your relationship is in a good place when you can laugh about being too tired to celebrate Valentine’s Day!


Tell me, what else should I add to this list?


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9 thoughts on “Some Relationship Advice On Valentine’s Day”

  1. Great food for thought. Lovely advice 🙂

    This is a must read for maried couple…Vday or no Vday

    Do drop by mine.


  2. Loved this doll . I think you have summed it up beautifully ! Every nugget resonates with me . 40 years of marriage and 44 years of knowing him has taught me a lot ! Yet there is such a huge take away for me from your post . Thank you . Happy Valentines mi amor ❤️

  3. Wise words, Nabanita. I agree with all of them. Mutual respect, equality, oodles of patience with each other and learning to put the egos aside when differences crop up (and they will!) that’s when a relationship/marriage can survive just about anything.

  4. Perfectly done, Nabanita! Communication is key to a healthy, happy marriage. And, nothing else, really..that’s what I feel after 21 years of togetherness! 🙂

  5. I really enjoyed the post. Deep and thought provoking. The families of both the parties are equally important and unimportant! Truth!

  6. I completely agree. I would definitely say comfort and space, is key to a healthy relationship, not just in marriage but any kind of human relationship. To be yourself and be loved, is the best kind of love!
    Great advice!

  7. Totally agree, Naba. Families are important yet unimportant. Have kids not to strengthen the relationship. I think marriage or any other relationship must not stifle or constrain the people in it. Let each other grow while being together spells it for me.

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