Power Cutts…..

There we go again…..!!!!!!! Its going to rain and the first thought that crosses my mind is “power cuts”…n mind you not only for the duration of the rain,not that its acceptable,but for hours after the rain has stopped….
Yes whenever there is rain,there is power cut and the whole night is spent in darkness.I can understand bad weather affecting transmission lines or some equipment once or twice but not every time and that too in the same locality.

This is the story in every locality in Bangalore…and perhaps every city,town ( m not including villages ‘coz who knows if they truly even have electricity or its just for the “records” ) in the country.
Power cuts today are something we all have accepted as a part of our lives.I can understand the incompetence of the electricity departments and state governments in not being able to provide ample power.But the least of what is expected from them is that power cuts are done in a defined manner and people are notified in advance.
I have seen here power cuts being done at any time and with no regularity.I am a working woman hence I am not affected by it since I spend my day in my air conditioned office.But one fine day I was on leave and at home and that day there were power cuts from 10 am in the morning,for one hour each,every alternate hour up to 8pm at night.This is not expected in a city like Bangalore at least.Also the power cuts are done at any time of the day for as long as they desire.
And this is not something which happens in my locality but I am sure in every locality of Bangalore.But still no one bothers to raise a voice.What I realize today is nobody cares.Nobody cares to even make an effort to change things.And the politicians and the bureaucrats and the other government employees take advantage of this apathy on our part to even make an effort to change things for the better….  

Wake up people before we are deprived of all our basic amenities….!!!

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