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I think I’m in need of some positive affirmations today. Some ‘I can‘ thoughts, some boost in the self-confidence and some reminder of what to focus on. We all do from time to time, don’t we?


If you read the last post on my blog then you know how low I had been feeling for the past month. Yes, contemplating about where I’m going in life or if I’m doing anything worthwhile at all. I do know that lows are part and parcel of life. Also that they keep coming in circles, often following the highs and vice versa. You see the universe has to keep everything in the balance after all. But it is also in such moments of questioning oneself that we perhaps find answers that help us go on in life. At least, I hope it does.


Have I found the answers though after moping for almost a month? Well, honestly, I don’t have a complete clarity yet. But maybe someday in the future, I will. For now, however, I have decided to keep working on my goals in whatever capacity possible. Maybe just an hour a day or even in a week. The key is to not give up I realise. The key is to keep the faith. Also, in acknowledging the positives that are already working for me. Some positive affirmations and gratitude, if you will. Some good vibes to pick me up and nudge me in the right direction. And who better to do that for me than me? They do say self-help is often the best help for a reason, don’t they?


“Affirmations are our mental vitamins, providing the supplementary positive thoughts we need to balance the barrage of negative events and thoughts we experience daily.” 

― Tia Walker


At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I want to find something good in my job to start with because most of my lows often stem from what happens at work. So, let’s see. My job. It gives me financial stability even though it often makes me unhappy. My work is recognised by the client even if turned a blind eye to by some of my own. So, this must mean that I’m good at what I do to a certain extent. Maybe I’m wrong to want validation from them even after being in the industry for so long. Hence, I’m not going to let these setbacks ruin my mood. So, to remedy that I have ‘Faire et se taire’ written on the board next to my desk these days. I read somewhere that Helen Simpson has the same written on a post-it by her desk. It means ‘Shut up and get on with it.’ Applies to a whole gamut of things in life, I think.


Also, I should never forget that I have one of the greatest gifts in life, that of a loving family and their support. They accept me like I am, with flaws et al. Perhaps I need to be a little more accepting of myself too. Kinder to the reflection I see in the mirror. Maybe, try being a little less critical and happy with what I’m already doing and have done so far? Yes, still keep hoping while being satisfied with the person I already am. Do away with the self-doubt for the time being. There are so many things I take care of every single day. Surely, that must mean something? I can be ordinary and be me, the best version of me. And ordinary is not a bad thing to be. I always knew that part but it appears I need some reminding from time to time. The bottom line is I need to take care of myself, feel good about who I am and what I have. Because if I don’t do that for myself, nobody else can.


“Self-care is how you take your power back.” 

― Lalah Delia


I have to change the things I don’t feel good about or if not that then change the way I look at them. Or, even react to them. I need to bring together all the positives in my life to gather the strength to work for what I want.


The job that often frustrates me also gives me a sense of purpose, a chance to go out of the house which I need to remember and be grateful for. My unrealised dreams give me the sweet taste of hope. Yes, for them to be realised one day and most importantly an aim to work at, a destination to walk towards. And I should consider myself lucky for having that. There was once a time in my life when I didn’t know what I wanted. Trust me, knowing is important.


I need to remind myself that everything is fine. And if anything is not then I need to remember that the obstacle isn’t insurmountable. Because everything happens for a reason, and I need to believe that a good one at that.


“All is well. Everything is working out for my highest good. Out of this situation, only good will come. I am safe.” It will work miracles in your life.” 

― Louise L. Hay


I need to say I can more often. Of course, positive affirmations do not mean that all the exhaustion will go away or that suddenly I’ll have a lot of time for myself or that opportunities will line up. But it will help me in waiting for the next day with more hope, nudge the things on my list a little to make room for even an hour of what I want to focus on, even stop reacting to things that hurt me but are not in my control. And most important of all, it will help me take care of myself. That is the first step, isn’t it?


“Taking care of yourself will take care of more than yourself.” 

― Grace Sara


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“You`re only as weak as you let yourself become, and you`re only as strong as you allow yourself to be.” 

― Daniel Hansen


My positive affirmations



I’m enough. I can be more but at the moment I’m enough.


I’m strong because I’m also not afraid to be weak.


I can do more and in time perhaps I will. And if not, even then I’ll keep trying.


I’ll be kind and compassionate to myself because I deserve it.


I believe in me.


I’ll stop being so hard on me.


I’ll play more with my daughter and go on more impromptu dates with my husband because their love makes my life so much better.


I’ll make time for more ‘me time’ for myself because isn’t that when you get to listen to your heart the most?


I’ll make more time to read because that makes me happy and my happiness matters.


I’ll be happier!


“Positive thinking is powerful thinking. If you want happiness, fulfilment, success and inner peace, start thinking you have the power to achieve those things. Focus on the bright side of life and expect positive results.” 

― Germany Kent


Well, those were mine. What are yours?


Positive Affirmations to bring back the I Can in life

6 thoughts on “I Can | Positive Affirmations”

  1. ‘This too shall pass’ is the mantra that lets me move ahead.

    You’ve answered your questions in the post, Naba. I see that as a very positive thing. Also, it is perfectly ok to feel the way you do right now. Just don’t beat yourself up over it.

  2. I can empathise with you Naba and only you can truly say how and what this job does for you! But if its indeed pinching you so much; then forcing to be grateful for it is not the solution in my opinion. Do a pro and con sheet and see how each pro ranks VS the con (even if the cons are less in number) and is each pro feels less or rather each con feels more hurtful – think it over and see if switching or taking a break is what you need at the moment. I am sure you will be able to analyse this to the bes tof your capabilities and your interests! All the best with this gurl!

  3. I know this must be a hard time but I will only say this, just as I say this to myself—this too shall pass! Its okay to get grumpy and moan about life every once in a while, its picking up ourselves and marching on thats challenging! Keep your chin up, Nabanita. You can do it. You will do it.

  4. I need to print this post of yours and stick it on every wall at work and at home.

    I can is the mantra I try to follow most of the times. It is exhausting at times, but the end result is more often than not worth it!

    You can do it, woman! You can do it all. You are enough. Because, you are the best. We women need to keep chanting this.

  5. I really needed to read this post. All of us, whether we are working moms, or stay at home moms, or mom of twins, or not moms at all – all of us have trying times and reasons that make us feel overwhelmed or lost or lonely. Affirmations seem to work for a lot of people. I liked the ones you made for yourself. Sometimes all we can do is focus on the good things in life to give us the courage to put up with the bad ones. Sending you hugs Naba. I know it cannot be easy.

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