Poem | My Little Fairy

There’s a little fairy

In my life,

With twinkles

In her tiny eyes.

Showers hugs

Every time I’m down.

Turns all my frowns,

Upside down.

There’s a little fairy

In my heart.

And I’m her very

First love.

Dimpled cheeks,

Smiles all bright

She holds the only key

To my heart.

There’s a little fairy

In my arms

Who chuckles at

All my songs.

Holding her

Fills me with joy.

Naughty too at times,

But she is all mine.

7 thoughts on “Poem | My Little Fairy”

  1. Awww..!! That is such a lovely poem! And your daughter is so cute! Lots of blessings for her 🙂


  2. Awwwwwwwwwww! I think I’m a bit too overwhelmed right now to say anything else, but I hope my ‘aww’ confirms how i feel about this.

  3. Dimpled cheeks, oh yeah! You know when ever I see another child I always think that Naba’s M has better cheeks. True story 🙂

    Such a cute tribute this is.

  4. Awww God bless you both. At this moment, I just want to hug you both and pull her cheeks. Damn, I really want to meet you guys soon. How is the munchkin doing now?

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