#Poem – A Promise To Be Me

Challenging, exhausting
As it may be.
To not give up,
My identity.
Threatening a change,
To the reflection
I see.
But I must
Always be me.
I chose You
A part of me,
Not who I am
A happy child
And a happy me
No sacrifice
Need there be.
This a promise
I made to me.
I’m writing this for BAR-A-THON.
Today’s prompt: Promise

8 thoughts on “#Poem – A Promise To Be Me

  1. The toughest promise ever – to not lose yourself in your children – and yet promise well worth making if only for their sakes. Well written Naba.

  2. And I sincerely hope this promise will always be kept 🙂 Even in few words you expressed how strong your resolve is 🙂

  3. Just keep swimming…just keep swimming. This is Dory's words from the movie Finding Dory. She goes out to search for her long lost parents and faces a lot of struggles in the way which keep her pushing back from her goal. Yet she does not give up and chants the mantra 'just keep swimming' as she moves ahead on her journey. Is there a relevance of Dory's story to your post here?

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