New Getaways for Mumbaikars – Self Drive Fun

New Getaways for Mumbaikars – Self Drive Fun


Maharashtra is a land of natural and cultural wonders and a trip out of Mumbai once in a while to explore this many-layered state is always recommended. Planning a road trip should not be a problem nowadays. One can easily find self-drive cars via an app and get going straight away. Here are some very unique and relatively undiscovered destinations of Maharashtra.


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Morachi Chincholi


Spend a day with hundreds of peacocks and peahens at Morachi Chincholi, located 200 km away from the city. Apart from these beautiful birds, this quaint location also allows visitors to get a taste of rustic life. There are the puppet and traditional magic shows for entertainment, and visitors can also ride on a bullock cart. The highlight here is the dancing peacock show.




Located 165 km from Mumbai, Bhandardara is a resort town tucked in the majestic Western Ghats. Visitors come here for the pristine natural scenery – an itinerary full of dramatic views and gushing waterfalls. It is here that one can climb up Maharashtra’s highest peak – the 1600-metre Mount Kalsubai. The Randhaa and Umbrella waterfalls are best visited during the monsoon or just after. The Ratangad Fort is one of the prominent historical attractions near Bhandardara.


Tarkarli Beach


Tarkarli beach is an idyllic getaway, a scenic 530-km route away from Mumbai. There are some secluded backwater areas near the beach and visitors who come here can witness and experience the quintessential fishing village routines. There are also a few temples around the beach and scuba diving facilities are attracting a new generation of adventure seekers. Another spot to visit is the Sangam – where the Karli River flows into the Arabian Sea. The sunset views from Tarkarli Beach are worth looking forward to.




Located in the Ratnagiri district around 230 km from Mumbai, Dapoli is famous for two things apart from its pretty seaside views – dolphins and crocodiles. The terrain is a mix of backwaters and open coastal landscape, a distinctive eco-system that is also very picturesque. There are many sandy beaches here where one can just relax and rejuvenate. Dolphin safaris are available – one needs to head offshore and travellers who venture into the banks of the Vashishth River can spot crocs slithering around on the banks.


Advantages of Self Drive


There are many advantages to renting a car for self-drive. Complete privacy is assured and travellers have total control over the pace of the journey. They can stop and take detours whenever and wherever they want. App-based Zoomcar is a preferred choice for those who look for a car on hire in Mumbai. Travellers get to choose from the latest models of hatchbacks, sedans and SUVs available at affordable rates. Assurances like 24/7 on-road support add an extra layer of convenience and security.


These lesser-heard wonders of Maharashtra are waiting to welcome the intrepid traveller. Pack the bags, book a car and get behind the wheel as the thrill of discovery begins.


New Getaways for Mumbaikars – Self Drive Fun #Travel #Mumbai #WeekendGetaways