#Poem | Just For You My Baby Girl

Credit | Rasstock via Shutterstock
Your eyes,
One look
And I know,
There’s no love
Oh! so very pure.

Your touch,
Just once
And I see
How utterly mushy
I can be.

O Darling,
If I could,
I would
The birds sing,
The sun shine,
Just for you.

O Sweetheart,
If I could,
I would
The flowers bloom,
The rains pour,
Just for you.

My Daughter,
My life.
My Glimmer of hope
My sunshine,
Do anything,
Yes, anything,
Just for you.

9 thoughts on “#Poem | Just For You My Baby Girl”

  1. …and I am sure you already do everything, and more, for M.
    This is a beautiful poem, Naba. Straight from the heart.
    Bless you both 🙂

  2. Beautiful poem straight from your heart. Your little angel will love this. Kanna loves the poems I write about/for him. 🙂

  3. That is such a sweet poem, Naba! Do give your daughter to read it some day, you will receive a big hug from her! I know you do receive hugs from her even now, but that hug will be the tightest one when she learns just how much she means to her mum, and how much her mum loves her!
    Such a sweet sweet poem! <3

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