A Mom’s Mother’s Day Gift List


Sunday is Mother’s Day and as always I’m sure there will again be the debate of celebrating mothers on just one day vs taking them for granted for the rest. A younger and impulsive me (who is still impulsive, mind you) would have probably babbled about the same. But you know what? I don’t mind singling out one day in a year to specially celebrate people and occasions. Because it serves as a kind of reminder, a much-needed one at times. Of course, that said, we shouldn’t forget mothers for the rest of the year. Though let’s admit that mothers are often taken for granted! Still, it’s mother’s day and now that I have been a mother for about 2 and half years, I think I totally deserve one day when I don’t have to move an inch! One can only hope, what say?


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In my 2 years as a parent, I have realized that being a mom teaches you a lot of things, the foremost being a deep appreciation of all that your own mother might have done for you and still continues to do. Trust me waking up at 6 am and not being able to go to bed till everything for the day is done gives you a whole different perspective on life. Well, more or less. Most importantly it makes you realize what a little brat you might have been to your mom at times. But I have also recognized that most mothers work unselfishly for their families. Non-stop. Often, giving up what they do and what they love. Self-care, something so basic, seems too alien a concept for most moms.


But things are changing. Moms these days are battling against time and loads of laundry to hold on to their own identities too. And I love that. I want to be that mom too. It’s not easy but totally worth it, I’d say. So, this mother’s day rather than waiting for someone to give me something, I thought why not focus on myself, on what I can do for myself? Yes, I’m talking mother’s day gift ideas, people. Only I’m going to gift it to myself!


Self-care, something so basic, seems too alien a concept for most moms.


Therefore, here’s what I’m going to do for myself this mother’s day because I damn well deserve it. Of course, gifts from family & friends are welcome too!


A Mom’s Mother’s Day Gift List! Or, as I prefer to call it, Mom Self-Care 101!


I’m going to take a few more days off from work, impromptu ones. A day off here and there to just spend it doing nothing because let’s face it as a mom my weekends aren’t that relaxing either.


Okay, this one might be more of a resolution after coming from a vacation from Goa where I happened to see so many moms like me, all well turned out and well groomed. I think I need to gift myself some pampering sessions in the salon without compromising on everything else I love, of course. This time I’m going to not let go of this.


Nail Polish. Now you might find this silly but hear me out. There was a time when my nails would look good all the time, fresh paint every week, et al. More than anything it made me feel good. Now, of course, I just let them be which sadly is a reminder that I don’t really have that much time for myself now as I used to. It’s always along the lines of let’s do some other chore than focus on self-care. This needs to change. As frivolous as it sounds if we look good (not saying I want a makeover!), we feel good and I need to remember that.


More movie dates with the husband. From being a couple who watched so many movies in the theatres, we hardly get to watch any now. This needs to change. And since I’m the one who’s going to always pick the movie (of course!), I need to make sure we don’t slacken in this department.


I need to stop letting my maid and cook take me for a ride. Enough is enough. There are days when I feel I’m working for them and the stress, don’t even ask me about that! They need to know who’s the boss. And I’m going to make sure they do. Being Miss Goody-two-shoes not going to work no more.


Breakfast! This is something I tend to always forget. For a week or so, I’ll be this breakfast nazi, not letting myself skip this important meal of the day but suddenly I’ll turn into a breakfast fugitive who just doesn’t want anything to do with breakfast. So, the office canteen should be seeing more of me. At least, that’s the intention.


Well, that ought to do for now. What do you think? If I can manage to follow at least a few of these to a certain degree, I’m going to be a calmer mom than I usually am. And that in itself will be a win for this mom, won’t it?


Happy Mother’s Day! And remember, take care of the moms every single day.


With Mother's Day around the corner, I know everyone is talking and thinking about Mother's Day Gifts. But what are moms giving themselves? Let's talk about a mom's mother's day gift list today. Or, as I prefer to call it, Mom Self-Care 101! #MothersDay #MomLife #GiftIdeas #Gifts #MothersDay2018
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7 thoughts on “A Mom’s Mother’s Day Gift List”

  1. I loved this post. This is the exact philosophy I follow. I gift myself what I want especially self care. Really, do take time off from work. I remember when G and I both worked from home, we would take an impromptu afternoon off and go for a movie date or lunch date. It was so much fun. I need to restart that now especially since both of us are working so hard. You know, I was just seeing one of my new mom pics after giving birth to Sid and I had perfect nails with nail polish. Now I hardly ever put nail polish on my finger nails. One reason is I cook and they get discoloured (I know lame) and second is laziness. You are right, being lazy is not good. I have been skipping parlor too for some time now except basic threading. Once my knee gets better, I am going for a nice pampering session. Rest of the stuff from your list I do. Here’s to moms everywhere taking care of themselves.

  2. I adored this post .I am gifting myself loads of books .A calmer mom I need to be too.

  3. This is list all women need to bookmark. All the things you’ve listed out are what make one feel good. I hope you get to follow the list regularly. Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!:)

  4. Happy Mother’s Day Naba!
    And I so wish that all your listed gifts are gifted well and received well by you. Go and splurge on it dear, for every mom needs it.
    Yuu now have inspired me to have some of these gifts for myself from me.
    Anagha Yatin (@anagha_yatin) recently posted…A Six Yard Fight WithinMy Profile

  5. I love this thought, and it’s something that I follow regularly these days. The gift of self-care is indeed precious, and all moms must make it a priority!

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