Mindfully Grateful

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Have you noticed how we often complain about the things we don’t have in life? Human nature, I suppose. Happens to the best of us. But from time to time, you come across situations and people who make you realise how lucky and blessed you are. Well, this is what I have been feeling lately. I have this overwhelming feeling of gratitude in my heart which I want to share with you all.


One of my traits or flaws is that I get stressed very soon. I’m affected by even the slightest of things not working the way I want them to. What comes next are a series of complaints about what is broken or what is lost while overlooking what I have or what is right there beside me. Mindfulness, that’s what’s missing, that’s what I have slacked on, especially in this new year. Time to remedy that.


One of the things I have grown to believe in is the importance of a good and supportive life partner for a happy life. Somewhere I must have done something good to have found one. S, he has his flaws as do I, but every few days something happens or I hear a story which makes me realise how truly blessed I am to have him.


This March we turned 6 in terms of being married to each other though we have been in a relationship for 11 years now. It seems like a lifetime really. Let’s just say we have grown together and we now share a life which we can’t imagine without the other. Like he often says, I am so used to you that I even like getting bored together and can’t enjoy even the best of things without you. Like I said, I’m blessed.


S is away for a few weeks on a work trip to the US and both M and I are missing him immensely. Perhaps, it’s a case of absence makes the heart grow fonder and I’m able to see and realise everything that he does and brings into our lives. M has even tried to hold him through the video call. That’s how much we miss his not being home. I just want him to come back safely so that we can get on with getting bored together. I’m truly grateful for my lazy yet loving partner in crime with whom I get to share a life and not just a routine. Touchwood.


The thing is with him around I can take on anything. Even the worst of days are easier to deal with knowing that I’ll be going home to this guy who truly cares about me despite my quirks. So, I guess, what I’m trying to say is, I’m thankful for his presence in my life. I just don’t say it often.


With S out of town, my parents and my sister are with me. Actually, it gets a little difficult managing M when I have to take calls at night. When S is in town, we get by it ourselves. But for now, I’m grateful to have a family ready to come to me even at short notice.


March has been good in many ways. I have been less stressed than in the previous months. We even celebrated two birthdays and one anniversary in a low-key way which surprisingly I loved a lot. We took a week’s off from work. I got a break from my daily hectic schedule which was much needed. Another good thing to have happened in March is my time online. I have cut down on it by a lot because honestly, it leaves a bitter aftertaste every time I spend too much energy on it. And yes March also turned out to be a month where I finished an important piece of work which is really a morale booster for me.


I’m grateful for the love I have and my family. March has been kind to me and I hope it continues to be so. I hope I remain mindful of all that I have and be content with it. There is so much negativity around these days that I need to hold on to what I have to maintain my sanity.


How was your March? What are you looking forward to in April?


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19 thoughts on “Mindfully Grateful

  1. Happy for you, Naba, that March was kinder to you. Our families are our backbone for sure. God bless. Hope, April is even better.

  2. Good to know you are blessed with a supportive family…you shouldn’t ask for much in life ☺️

    Stress is something that kills many of us, and it’s not something we can’t work on. I’ve been trying myself- not overthinking on anything has helped me a lot.

  3. Love and hugs to you, Naba! Congratulations on your anniversary! What a wonderful feeling to grow into a relationship you love and enjoy! The week off must have been so welcome in terms of slowing down. Focusing on the moment and enjoying it is the only way to live. However, we get so swept away with life’s happenings we forget to stop and smell the flowers.

    So happy you joined the Gratitude Circle blog hop this month. Wishing you happy months ahead!

  4. It really is a blessing to have family offer a helping hand at such times. I know the feeling of being blessed that way. I’ve had it too a couple of years back when I had to undergo surgery and mom was around to take care of everything almost seamlessly, until after I was back on my feet. I’m so glad that you’re able to see and appreciate the many blessings in your life at the moment and even though it’s only a matter of weeks, you’ll all be together as one happy family “getting bored” together as you say! As I always tell everyone, do pause to take a break every now and then, amidst all the routine everyday activities to be mindful. It really helps me when I do! Take care, Nabanita

  5. Congratulations Naba, on turning 6 with S.

    Nice to hear you get some time without your partner [I hear it’s a blessing for a few days πŸ˜‰ ]. Also nice to hear that the month has been less stressful for you.

    Spending 10 minutes on being mindful in the morning before others rise is a good way to have a calmer day πŸ™‚

  6. Ah how blessed you are Naba! A supportive partner is the most important thing you would need in a relationship and I’m so happy you have S. I’ve had a trying two months and I couldn’t have got past it without having Cal around. Everyday something reminds me of how lucky I am to have him πŸ™‚

    April will revolve around A to Z for me, at least on the blog. In life, it is all about love, hope and peace.

  7. Congrats to you for the anniversary; it was nice to read and yes family is a blessing, specially when they are with you, when you need them the most. Glad to know that march was less stressful; last September I was very sick with dengue and without the support of my husband it would not have been possible for me to get back to my routine… its truly a blessing to have persons who care… all the best for the coming months.

  8. It’s truly a blessing to have a partner you love so deeply, someone with whom even getting bored together is beautiful. Loved this little vignette from your life, Naba. Here’s to a rocking April!

  9. Congrats on your anniversary with your Mr. Perfect. One of the best gift a women can get is a supporting partner. Have fun and make memories with your family and little one.

  10. It’s a beautiful thing to have a relationship like that. Having been married for almost 43 years, I can tell you it only gets better. There will be rough seas from time to time, but hang in there.

  11. My hubby too makes everything better.I am totally dejected when I have to cope alone.Congratulations on your anniversary.Family is your true wealth indeed

  12. awwww I just want to hug you right now <3
    it's indeed a blessing to feel so loved … to have such a supportive family. Hope S is back soon and you enjoy a wonderful family time πŸ˜€

  13. Hugs and your post made me really visualize M holding S on skype πŸ™‚ Sweet!
    You know what? Distance does make heart grow fonder. It really brings out move love and admiration for what people close to us do for us day in and out. It’s a blessing to have a supportive partner and getting bored together is very relatable πŸ™‚

  14. It’s really is a blessing to have a partner who is more like a friend. Touchwood. For me, this month is great as I learnt driving my 4 wheeler and tried some craft activities with my kids.

  15. Congratulations on your anniversary! Family is a big big strength and it’s only off late that I am learning to allow myself to lean in. March has always been a bit frazzled month for me….though relatively less this time around. Wishing you a great month of April.

  16. LOL. I love and totally relate to the “Even though a few flaws – and getting bored and all of it” πŸ™‚ They’re totally our lifeline na? For all my independence and all, for all the times I think I am doing well and strong by myself too – I still totally want him around. There’s this unsaid rock solid wall, just the presence, if you know what I mean. It’s beautiful what you share, God bless you and your lovely family. Congratulations on turning 6 and happy anniversary and birthdays too! Have a beautiful April ahead!

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