A Primer on Maharashtrian Cuisine

The laid back and languid sway of coconut palms of the coasts of Konkan combined with the beauty of the Deccan plateau defines Maharashtra.


Maharashtrian cuisine is as diverse as the landscape of the state. The cuisine reflects the innovation of cosmopolitan Mumbai and the heavy influence of the Peshwa stronghold of Pune.


Street food of Mumbai


Keeping pace with the Mumbai city, its street food represents a plethora of flavours presented in quick time. A plate of hot and spiced vada pav, delicious pav bhaji or a serving of misal pav or aamti or a pack of bhel puri, you will find something from the local kitchen on the streets of Mumbai that will tickle your taste buds. Hiring a car in Mumbai is easy and provides the best way to move around the city and sample its vast offering of food.


Cosmopolitan food of Mumbai


Parsi food and Irani Cafes are representations of the cosmopolitan Mumbai. A typical Parsi lunch consists of rice, lentils and curry using coconuts, with or without meat. Kachumbar, a type of salad is a signature component of most meals. Some of the famous Parsi dishes are Dhansak, a mélange of the variety of meat, Patra ni Machhi or the steamed spiced fish wrapped in banana leaf and Jardaloo Sali Boti or mutton and apricots in an onion and tomato sauce.


The coastal cuisine of Konkan


The Konkan belt is famous for its Malvani cuisine. Plenty of coconut, cashew, mangoes and a variety of fishes are part of this cuisine. The Malvani masala is a combination of 15 to 16 dry spices such as red chillies, coriander, peppercorns, cumin, cardamom, Kokum, Amsul etc. and gives the food its unique flavour.


Puneri Cuisine


Pune’s cuisine has a Peshwai touch to it that makes the simple staple recipes turn into irresistible dishes. The famous Goda masala of Pune, a unique combination of local spices such as red chilli, poppy seeds, dried coconut and stone flower converts the simple Amti or lentils into a delicacy. The Bakarwadi of Pune is famous for their crispy spiced flavour. The sabudana khichadi found across homes in Pune is a lip-smacking dish that is irresistible. Hire a car in Pune to visit the best restaurants to sample its cuisine.


Cuisine from the village of Maharashtra


The dietary staples of the Deccan plateau and consequently that of the villages of Maharashtra are wheat, millets, rice, vegetables and lentils. The Deccan loves its Bhakri, a mix of spiced vegetables, lentils and rice. Northern Maharashtra loves its rotis made from wheat. Peanut and coconut reign in the Vidharba region. Move over to Kolhapur, and you shall find white and red mutton curries and green chilly chutney.


However, across the state, a Maharashtrian meal is incomplete without the vadas, polis, bhajjis, misal or ragda.


However, a typical Maharashtrian love their desserts as well. Pooran Poli, Modak, Gulachi poli, Anarsa, Karanji are some of the famous sweet dishes that make every festival a celebration.


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