She’s Gone

A toy pink;

My daddy’s wink;

Mommy’s chocolate drink;

Was my world, I think?

But a man,

a grotesque, malicious

Petty man

took away all that

in a painful blink!


He sneered

with more like him

oh, little girl,

There is only one world,

A filthy world,

A murky zoo

With animals wild

to scar your life,

to snatch your toys,

To end everything

precious to you.

To end

even YOU!


Now that I’m

Withered and gone

Wasted away

With more girls like me,

It’s all about

right and left,

And different faiths,

Religious bent

to you?

When all the while,

Humanity sobs

Right by my side.

So, why can’t you just

All unite

And avenge me true?

Or, do you need more like me

To do what’s due?


I didn’t think that something I had written 5 years ago would fit into what is happening today. It’s a nightmare. It truly is and I don’t know what to say anymore. We just can’t seem to be able to keep our little girls safe.


A poem about those little girls who fall prey to malicious men. Rest in piece my lovelies. #Girls #Girlchild #Safety #Women #Poem


Pic Credit | MorganStudio via Shutterstock

11 thoughts on “She’s Gone”

  1. This breaks my heart. Yes, we all should have united. Yes we all should have put criminals behind bar. But instead we brought in faith and religion and other bs. We forgot that a family lost their daughter. And that the tiny life was lost in the most brutal way.
    Your words are very powerful.
    Rajlakshmi recently posted…Acrylic Painting, Zentangle and Stippling ArtworksMy Profile

  2. HOnestly Naba, I couldn’t imagine how prescient your were? Or is it an affirmation that things never really change and that this heinous crime of Asifa is timeless….? I honestly think that the perpetrators should ALL BE just killed one inch of flesh hacked out at a time …. publicly and their penises chopped off and burnt. All this should be done WITHOUT a trial. Only when such a horrible punishment is meted out will the fear of being put to death without any hope of justice ( this only serves to increase the life span of the criminals) will it perhaps act as a deterrent to other men who think of doing such awful things.
    BellyBytes recently posted…The Mask of ZorroMy Profile

  3. It is so heart breaking.. I cannot think of anything else besides those wonder filled enormous eyes. How could anybody do such crimes?

  4. Did you write this five years ago? Awful things were happening even then. The new incident with Asifa has been heartrending. There are more such rapes and murder happening everyday. The news is unbearable.
    Kalpanaa recently posted…Purana Qila : AprilA2ZMy Profile

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