Why You Should Never Skip Breakfast #BreakTheHabit


They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Of course, I always knew this. But I truly realized the importance of breakfast once I joined work again, following my maternity break. Let’s just say I was a habitual breakfast skipper. But when I continued doing the same after having my daughter, I felt low on energy at the very start of the day. Being a working mom isn’t easy, I have a million things to take care of every single day and not having breakfast to save time was just not working for me. I began noticing how weak I started feeling in the mornings with every passing day. That’s when I made up my mind to not skip breakfast anymore. And trust me, I genuinely began feeling better with every passing day. The moral of the story being breakfast is paramount to health. And no, it shouldn’t be skipped, here’s why:


It is the first chance for your body to restock its blood sugar levels during the day after an overnight fast.


Having breakfast kickstarts your body’s metabolism.


It prepares you for the rest of the day by providing you with the necessary nutrients to start off your day.


Skipping breakfast never guarantees weight loss. Instead, it might eventually lead to health problems.


The nutrients you skip during breakfast is hard to make up for in the rest of the day.


Children shouldn’t skip breakfast. Skipping breakfast may worsen early morning tasks, leading to lower rates of intellectual performance, increased errors and slower memory recall. In fact, it is also believed that children who eat breakfast regularly perform better at school.


Breakfast consumption is positively linked to learning in school going children in terms of behaviour, cognitive abilities and performance.


Breakfast should provide for 20 -25% of daily nutritional requirements.


These points should be sufficient to convince you of the importance of breakfast every single day.


But what to choose for breakfast when there is a lack of time?


Whenever I talk to mothers, like me, who are always running against the clock, the consensus is to skip breakfast to save time. The funny thing is when it comes to our kids, we know how important breakfast is and skipping breakfast is not even an option. But almost always we end up ignoring the same when it comes to us. I think the biggest reason is the lack of time. When you have to prepare so many meals before rushing out for work, the general tendency is to not make anything for yourself. That’s the reason why Kellogg’s has become a staple at my home.


Kelloggs Breakfast


Kellogg’s is my go-to breakfast. What’s yours?


Whether it is in the form of cornflakes, muesli or oats, I always have one or the other in stock. Want me to let you in on a secret? Apart from providing fibre, protein, fat, B vitamins, folic acid, iron and calcium, it is the easiest and the quickest breakfast you can make. A real blessing for moms like me. And most importantly, it’s a breakfast option for the entire family, right from parents to kids. In fact, my daughter loves her share of cornflakes so much that if I allow her to, she would even have that for dinner.


But enough about what I think. Here are some facts which will tell you why Kellogg’s can be your breakfast choice too, facts which helped me choose it not only for me but for my kid.


One serving of Kellogg’s ready-to-eat breakfast cereal with 120 ml of skim milk is approximately equivalent to 150-200 kcal. It provides you with key essential nutrients which you may otherwise miss out if you skip breakfast!


Cereals are commonly recommended as part of a healthy diet for being typically low in fat and naturally cholesterol free.


Using cereals as your breakfast also ensures that you get your share of calcium because as you know well cereals are typically consumed with milk.


Also, fortified breakfast cereals can turn out to be a good contributor to your daily intake of B Group Vitamins.


Typically, ready-to-eat cereals are made using wheat, oats, ragi, barley, corn and rice which partly takes care of your daily intake of grains, not to forget, they make for a solid start to the day.


My Two Favourites!


Kellogg’s Corn Flakes


The classic product from the brand packs a punch for both adults and children, it is fortified with 8 vitamins and Iron. It is prepared from real corn with minimal processing and contains only about 1% fat, making it essentially a nutritious and healthy breakfast option as compared to other mixes or cereals.


Kellogg’s Muesli Nuts Delight


This one is one of those dream breakfast dishes which fulfils the requirements for every nutrient you need. Packed with dry fruits and nuts, as well as prepared from an incredible mix of rice, oats, barley, wheat and corn – this is a dream for people who are looking to eat a healthy breakfast which is delicious too. You smoothie bowls will never be the same again.


Breakfast cereals are an easy way to nourish you and your children. It saves time but doesn’t compromise on health like some foods do. If you ask me, it’s a win-win for both. So, choose Kellogg’s if your reason for skipping breakfast is lack of time just like me. It has all the goodness of grains and helps to solve your time crunch problem when it comes to making breakfast.


This national nutrition month, it’s time to #Breakthehabit of skipping breakfast, share this post with your friends who tend to skip breakfast!

2 thoughts on “Why You Should Never Skip Breakfast #BreakTheHabit”

  1. Breakfast is something I never skip on. But I somehow cannot bring myself to eat cereal yet. My go-to breakfast on every weekday is bread and egg (sometimes fruit too). It gives me the early morning carbs, proteins, vitamins, and then I almost always have a great morning.

    It’s not time consuming, but not the quickest thing to whip up either. However, I will skip on makeup, but simply cannot do without the breakfast, so I get up 10 minutes early. It’s pretty much the only thing I will get up early for, lol. Also, I stick to the same thing every morning, because my brain doesn’t fully wake up before breakfast, and so I need to keep it simple and mindless. 🙂

    Now I do that with my son as well. His breakfast consists of 1 egg, bread, milk and fruit. It gives me peace of mind knowing that even if he doesn’t eat his school lunch (which he gives me a hard time with), he has had something filling in his tummy in the day.

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