Book Recommendation 12 #Reads


Into the Darkest Corner by Elizabeth Haynes is this week’s book recommendation.


Genre: Thriller, Suspense, Psychological Fiction


Why should you pick it up?


I love Psychological thrillers. I think apart from historical fiction, that is my favorite genre. And this book is one of my absolute favorites when it comes to this genre.


It is chilling, eerie and keeps you on your toes. All the time you’ll be rooting for the protagonist and praying that the psychopath of an ex of hers doesn’t manage to catch hold of her. One of the best things about this book is the author worked on details. When you read it, you’ll see what I mean.


Other than that, I can only leave you with its blurb because I certainly can’t do justice to how enticing this book really is.




When young, pretty Catherine Bailey meets Lee Brightman, she can’t believe her luck. Gorgeous, charismatic, and a bit mysterious, Lee seems almost too perfect to be true.


But what begins as flattering attention and spontaneous, passionate sex transforms into raging jealousy, and Catherine soon discovers that Lee’s dazzling blue eyes and blond good looks hide a dark, violent nature. Disturbed by his increasingly erratic, controlling behavior, she tries to break it off; turning to her friends for support, she’s stunned to find they don’t believe her. Increasingly isolated and driven into the darkest corner of her world, a desperate Catherine plans a meticulous escape.


Four years later, Lee is behind bars and Catherine—now Cathy—is trying to build a new life in a new city. Though her body has healed, the trauma of the past still haunts her. Then Stuart Richardson, her attractive new neighbor, moves in. Encouraging her to confront her fears, he sparks unexpected hope and the possibility of love and a normal life.


Until the day the phone rings . . .


Link to purchase on Amazon: Into the Darkest Corner: A Novel


The book is available in Paperback and as a Kindle edition. So, what are you waiting for?


Link to Good Reads: Into the Darkest Corner


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9 thoughts on “Book Recommendation 12 #Reads”

  1. Psycho thrillers are something I love reading. Wondering what happens after that phone rings??? Surely not his hope of a normal life.

  2. Oh the blurb itself is intense… I don’t know if I can handle psychological thrillers, specially when women are victims. These kind of stories are hard to forget. Is there violence in there?

  3. I am scared of thrillers as I hate the suspense which seems akin to horror; I am a bit of a scaredy cat and enjoy light hearted stuff 🙂

  4. This sounds interesting! I love thrillers and I’m surprised I hadn’t heard of this before. Going to add this to my TBR.

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