How to Select A Perfect Villa?

Do you dream of living in a villa?


I do sometimes. I do.


I grew up in a cottage in the hills somewhere in the Northeast of India. No wonder that I often feel claustrophobic in an apartment. But the next thing close to my childhood cottage here in Bangalore is a villa which is at this moment out of my reach. But then there can always be one tomorrow. There can always be a villa that fits perfectly in the picture frame of my dream abode.


One of my colleagues recently had the housewarming ceremony of her villa in Coimbatore by JRD Realtorss. And the pictures were worth swooning over. That got me thinking about a villa of my own.




What makes a villa a great villa and not just an ordinary one? Well, why don’t I share what I think are the most important points and then you share yours?




One of the reasons why we didn’t go for a villa in Bangalore apart from the budget was location. Any good villa project which was within our budget was situated very far from the main city. Since both of us are working, the commute didn’t make sense at all. So, yes, the location of prime importance or rather will be of prime importance when we look for the villa.


Architecture & Design


The layout of the villa, both interiors and exteriors, the floor plan are aspects that figure high on the eliminating list while selecting a property. For example, I’m not too fond of an open kitchen and I would want to select a villa which is designed that way. The garden space or even the number of balconies are important to me. The windows and how many they are in number are things that I need to know because having a well ventilated, airy space is my dream. The facade of the villa is also another entry in the list.






Though I hardly get out of the flat to use any amenities, when I chose a villa I’d love to have a few at least. Community gardens where we can take a walk or just go to read a book, even write. A gym for the health-conscious members of my family. A playground for my daughter and a swimmer pool. A library too if possible. These are things which make the experience even better.




Reputation of the Builder


When you are buying a villa or any living space for that matter, you are investing a lot of your hard-earned money. And hence it goes without saying that the builder should have a good reputation and should be someone who delivers in time. There should be a promise of quality too associated with the builder.




Well, there will always be a better villa or project out there but you need to be sure of your budget. While it is everyone’s dream to own that perfect place, we need to stay within our budget and limits. So, yes, you need to be well aware of your budget and stay true to it.


So, now these were my points while considering purchasing a villa. Tell me yours?


Picture Credit | JRD Realtorss