How To Be Happy?

Dear M,


How are you, my munchkin? Getting naughtier by the day, I must say.


Well, today mummy is going to tell you a story. Don’t worry it’s not the giraffe and crocodile tale which annoys you but that of a real woman, an inspiring woman with the hope of teaching you while reminding myself of an important lesson. Yes, the lesson of happiness, the simplicity and true meaning of happiness.




So, on women’s day a couple of months ago, one of the city’s radio stations played the true life stories of extraordinary ordinary women who do so much from dawn to dusk that you wonder how the world would even run without them. Amidst all the stories, M there was one about a woman named Sashikala. Yes, an amazing woman she is, M and I wish you could have heard her. Well, technically you did but I doubt you understood anything. So, for you, this is Sashikala’s story.


A tea seller in Bangalore, Shashikala owns a small tea shop with her husband which is the only source of their income. Being a mother she wakes up at 3 am in the morning every single day to finish her household chores and get everything ready for her family for the day. Then from 5 am to 7 pm she spends her time selling tea in her tea shop. When asked she said that they earn about Rs. 15000/- a month. In that amount, she runs a house, educates her children and basically runs her life. It was then that she was asked if that amount is enough to lead a decent life in a city like Bangalore. Her answer taught me something that day, M. Her answer reminded me to stop complaining and be grateful. Her answer taught me to not be driven my wants but by gratitude.


I don’t need much to be happy. As long as we have enough, are healthy and safe, we are happy.


That’s what she said. These words struck me somewhere deep within, M. Content, that’s what she sounded and I envied her. She reminded me that happiness is not that hard to find if we know where to look for it. And most of the times it’s intrinsic.


M, I crib a lot. Just read my posts and you’ll realize there is always something or the other frustrating me. The truth is I need to be thankful for all that I have. And I am but there are times I falter. I forget to look at the bigger picture. I need to stop complaining. And believe me I try to do that but of course, I’m not as good at it as Sashikala. Still, I want you to know that we should always try to focus on what we have rather than what we don’t. Fulfillment of wants never translates into true happiness even if it might seem so. It always stems from something simpler.


Happiness is not that hard to find if we know where to look for it. #Happiness Click To Tweet


I hope I’m able to teach this to you M. I hope I can show you how it’s not that hard to be happy. That you don’t need to be the CEO of a million dollar company to be happy or successful. Sashikala is one of the most successful women I have come to know in life because she leads her life within her means and does so with dignity. That M is enough. That M is the secret to happiness. So, I hope you remember that.





How to be Happy? Do you often think about that? Well, I have an inspirational story just for you. A life lesson you can teach your child like I'm trying to teach my daughter. #life #happiness #Howtobe #Thoughts #funny #quotes


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34 thoughts on “How To Be Happy?”

  1. You are a very sensible woman.Happiness is inside and we all need more work on it.

  2. Lovely letter. Happiness is a state of mind. More of being content and making the most of it.

  3. You know it is actually not so difficult to be happy. I guess we all need to get out of the habit of cribbing. It does not serve any purpose. Take action if something is really bothering you else make peace and find ways to stay happy. At least that is what I try to do.

  4. I agree with you. I choose Happiness and joy every single day, and we’re the one responsible for our happiness so let’s not depend pur happiness to other people.

  5. Very well said Nabanita. The story about the teamaker in Bangladesh is extremely gripping. Thank you!

  6. I love this letter. Life is so much better when you are laughing. Thank you.

  7. This is such a fabulous letter! I think it’s so important to be happy. Being negative is so draining.

  8. this was very insightful. thank you for sharing your views ๐Ÿ™‚ I agree with you, it is important to be happy and appreciate everything in life. having a positive outlook in life can be very helpful

  9. I love this post. It is so important to be happy and there should be nothing that dictates our happiness but ourselves.

  10. This is such a beautiful story. I love the moral story behind it. Thanks for this great reminder that one doesn’t need much to be happy but to be content with life!

  11. What a great story! It really is so true! Happiness is up to you to have! Thank you for sharing as this helps a lot!

  12. Thank you for sharing this. I think happiness is to be contented at what you have. And be thankful to God who is our great provider.

  13. Wow, this is such an inspiring post. I love the reminder: “Happiness is not that hard to find if we know where to look for it. And most of the times itโ€™s intrinsic.” Thank you for sharing this!

  14. The tea seller is so wise. We really focus so much on material things as a source of happiness, but like she said, if we have enough and we are healthy, we have everything we need to be happy!

  15. We cannot take someone’s public-facing life and compare our total life. In fact, most comparison becomes problematic.

  16. Another heartfelt letter. It is important that we found our happiness in any ways that we like. Happiness brings good life.

  17. Beautiful post Nabanita. Happiness is so subjective. Agree with you, happiness is in the simplest of things.

  18. Wow what a beautiful letter and message. We fret so much about being happy when we can find happiness we just need to be open to finding it everywhere..

  19. Such a lovely write up. happiness is inside us. We need to find it.

  20. What a lovely letter and even beautiful lesson for M. It is important that we remain grateful to what we have and be our best. Rest all follows. M is lucky to have these letters for herself. I am sure she will cherish these when she grows up.
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  21. *Tear It’s hard to focus on what we have instead of what we want but some of lifes hardest lessons will always guide you back to being thankful for the small things in life. I love this! Saving it to read later as a reminder

  22. Great article!! So much of life today is stress, worry and work. Time to start living again

  23. Such a lovely narrative nabainta. Happiness is a reflection of your soul, truly the smallest and most subtle of things can bring the deepest of joys !

  24. I love this letter to your munchkin, happiness is such a simple and beautiful gift that we can give to ourselves <3

  25. What a wonderful post! Being happy can sometimes seem hard, but this post reminds me that most of the time its easy. To just be happy! Thanks for sharing. ๐Ÿ™‚

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