Goodbye, 2018. Hello, 2019

How was 2018 for you?

So, the last day of 2018 is here. Another year becomes a thing of the past, a part of memories and of history. It’s fascinating if you think about it. We all know that the time that is gone is lost forever but have you ever just thought about the intensity of it? Enormous, isn’t it? Time lost, opportunities lost. Or, alternatively, times lived. Some of the best moments of our lives become things from our past at the blink of an eye. As I say goodbye to 2018 and prepare for 2019, I can’t help but thank the invisible power above for taking care of me and my family, all things considered.

As I look forward to 2019, I feel myself thinking that I don’t want much.

Life is never a bed of roses, so obviously 2018 didn’t exactly pan out the way I would have wanted it to. But it’s all about perspective and priorities, isn’t it? And counting blessings is at anytime better than making a list of all things that didn’t go well. Would I have wanted 2018 to have given me all those things that I dream about? Of course, yes. But the fact that it hasn’t taken away all that form the crux of my existence, I think I like that far better. All about odds, right?

As I look forward to 2019, I feel myself thinking that I don’t want much. At least I don’t want to want anything much or anything fancy. I just want to be able to be happy. It’s a small word, happy, pregnant with meaning, I know. But honestly, all I want is to have a normal life with the people I love.

Do I have expectations? Obviously, I do just like the person next to me. But I don’t want to think about expectations this year, not much really. I have seen how disappointed I get when things don’t go the way I hope for them to go. So, this new year I just want to go with the flow with the bare minimum expectations weighing me down. Now, I don’t know how easy that is going to be but it’s something I’m going to work on.

I think all I want from 2019 is to be satisfied with who I am. Because I have seen how a lot of my anxiety and even depression at times stems from feeling like I still need to do more or prove myself, my worth. I think I would like to take it easy on that front. I think I have done enough and am doing enough on a day to day basis. Sure, I can always do more but I’m not going to put undue pressure on myself because then nobody wins. Because as cliched as it sounds, when I’m on my death bed, all that will matter is how happy I have been in life, not how high I climbed the corporate ladder or how many paid campaigns I had been part of.

Happy New Year 2019!

2019 is going to be a year, at least I hope it is going to be a year where I don’t try to hold myself to some unattainable standards. This year I’m not going to judge myself for being a little more selfish than I usually am. Well, there, that’s what I hope 2019 turns out for me.

Anyway. How was 2018 for you and what do you hope for in 2019?

And yes, happy new year to you and yours.

See you next year!

Happy New Year 2019. Looking back at 2018. #NewYear #NewYearsEve #Quotes
Happy New Year 2019

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  1. 2018 wants an easy year for me too. Simgle parenting for almost 50 % of the year. It just took a toll on me. But as you say, it is priorities over perspective. Hoping the new year turns out good for you and well for me too 🙂

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