Get Set Go……!!!

Rush,Run,Hurry are worlds that pretty much describe our lives these days…we are so caught up in this vicious cycle that we hardly find time to do anything we actually want to…or for that matter even think of what actually we want….Life has become so mechanical….!!!
5 out of 7 days in a week are spent in complete mayhem…!!!We wake up not to the sweet chirps of birds but to the cacophonous sounds of the alarm…though with technology we have even managed to set tunes in that too…But the fact remains; at the buzz of the alarm we wake and there begins our day where we race to reach god knows where…!!!
Amidst all these we let go of the little joys of life…I am sure I speak for many when I say we are caught up in jobs we would rather not do…

Sometimes my mother tells me that life in big cities is not at all a good life…I argue with her saying that the amenities and facilities that we get here are not something that we would find in a small town… But she says when you don’t even have time for yourself what would you do with the so called facilities…!!

This reminds me of the very materialistic nature of us humans…we rather seek the temporal pleasures even though in the process we lose the soul of life or for that matter living…!!!

stop…reflect…discover what you really want…Life is worth “living”…dnt give it away in “trying to live”.