Fulfil That #OneWeddingWish On Your Own Through A Wedding Loan

Do you have a special wish for your wedding, that #OneWeddingWish? No, I’m not talking about the perfect partner. I’m asking you about that special wish that might have something to do with perhaps a honeymoon in Maldives or a wedding trousseau by Sabyasachi. So, tell me do you have a special wedding wish?


If I could go back in time and redo my wedding again, I would have probably done that photo shoot that I didn’t. A less dramatic one but still. I would have also used a wedding loan to bear the expenses of my wedding because no parent should have to spend so much on their adult working children. Yes, even if they want to.


Weddings are about wishes being fulfilled more than anything else, the wishes of families and particularly of the two individuals taking what is probably the biggest step of their lives. Sometimes a lot of these wishes are realised because parents want to make sure their children have everything they want while embarking on this new and important journey in life. But there are also times when compromises are made because how much can parents really do? In fact, if you ask me, they should really not have to. That’s where I think wedding loans are a boon but only when it is taken by the couple and not borne by the parents.


We all know that almost every wedding is a lavish affair in India. There are so many things that go into making it memorable and I’m not even talking about the bride and the groom here. The fact is weddings are expensive no matter how much money you have or don’t. Sadly, though most of these expenses are borne by parents, some of whom are even retired. Yes, the costs of tying two adults, often working, in a matrimonial bond often rests on the shoulders of their parents. I have seen parents enduring the overheads of not only the wedding from jewellery to dresses but even the honeymoon for the couple. So, if you ask me that needs to change.


Every wish when it comes to a wedding is precious but only if you take it upon yourself to fulfil it. #OneWeddingWish Click To Tweet


I must admit that like many people I know my parents paid for everything in my wedding. And I feel very ashamed about that. I already had a job at that point in time. So, I should not have let them do the heavy lifting even if they would have scolded me for it. The only consolation though is that we paid for our honeymoon ourselves instead of shifting the burden on our parents. If I had known about wedding loans at that point, I would not have let my parents spend their hard earned money on a wedding party. But I didn’t and I wish to right that wrong someday.


I see around me a lot of women, working women getting married and talking about the pre and post wedding photo shoot that they dream of. They talk about the honeymoon they have always thought of. They talk about buying that wedding saree worth a lot of money. And they pin all hopes on their parents to fulfil those wishes for them. Sometimes they even throw tantrums when these wishes are not fulfilled. Isn’t it enough that the parents are spending on everything from dresses to jewellery, gifts for relatives to feeding hundreds of people who would probably never be satisfied by the hospitality? So, why can’t these women, these girls and even the boys getting married take it upon themselves to fulfil their wedding wishes?


Yes, weddings are special and every couple desires for that special day to be something worth remembering forever. So take matters in your own hand especially if you are working. Take that wedding loan and do whatever you wish to do with it. To book that honeymoon, buy that dress or even go for that photo shoot. Yes, take that wedding loan that will not only fulfil your wish and make you happy but make your parents proud too. Be responsible for yourself. If you are old enough to get married, you are old enough to do that.


I look at a wedding loan as a means to do two things. Relieve the financial burden on the previous generation when it comes to wedding expenses. And then fulfil those special, often expensive, wishes of couples.


A wedding loan in my view an opportunity, one I wish I had thought of in my time. Today, you have something like the Tata Capital Wedding Loan to ensure that you not only fulfil your special wedding wish but also do it own your own. I like the sound of that. I’m not an advocate of spending much on weddings but if you have to really do it, take away the burden from your parents ( even if they say it’s not a burden for them ) and shoulder it yourself. And that’s precisely why wedding loans should be taken.


Tell me what would you do if you could take a wedding loan and fulfil that one wedding wish? What would you do differently in your wedding if you had taken a wedding loan?


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6 thoughts on “Fulfil That #OneWeddingWish On Your Own Through A Wedding Loan”

  1. I always feel our Indian weddings are over the top. My husband and I had our wedding in Goa with just 100 guests – we invited about 200. We didn’t feel the need for receptions either in Mumbai or Hyderabad. People still recall the good food and the simplicity of it.
    It’s time more couples took a stand and had simple weddings. Any loans can be taken towards setting up their home.

  2. It is considerate on the part of the couple to fulfill their wishes through a loan they can manage themselves rather than burden their parents. Also good to invest it in a long-term dream like travel or buy something that will make their life better. I scaled down my wedding from the traditional 5-day one to an Arya Samaj ceremony–neither of us is a fan of the pompous stuff. My friend did take photos at my wedding 🙂

  3. Weddings are expensive, no matter how small and parents often want the weddings to be lavish no matter how their kids feel. I hope these loans don’t have high interest rate, else or should be a burden on the couple.

  4. I would prefer not to take a loan and manage within my means. And I am so proud to day that I bought my entire wedding trousseau with my own money and also my air tickets to the US. It was only fair that I helped out in my own wedding expenses.

  5. I’ve been married for 4 years now and I finished my wedding loan only recently. My wedding was huge as my in-laws wanted a big wedding and this put them, my parents, my husband and I in big financial debt. It was a crazy day and the money that went into was something else altogether.

    If I could re-do my wedding, I’d get married in a temple or in a court and use the money to travel the world. Not the money from my parents, but the money that I’d earned and saved. One should take care of their own wedding. My husband and I were clear about that, as long as it was a small ceremony. But when my in-laws disagreed and wanted a big one, we knew we couldn’t afford it. Neither could they, but they wanted a big wedding even if it meant borrowing large amounts.

    Till date, I look back and my wedding and think what a waste of money that was.

  6. What a brilliant idea- wedding loans!!! I had no idea there was a specialised load as such for this means and I so hear you on the part about not letting our parents be weighed down with this financial burden as we are doing well for ourselves in life!
    I see the gimmicks added on wedding business these days and it actually makes me cringe to see how much we can afford to waste in the name of marriage – no judgement on anyone, this is my personal opinion and rant to myself!!!

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