Does our Country still need Reservation…?

“Reservation is a hard reality, general category should understand it” says the Supreme Court of Our Country….and that’s not all;they have more to add..
“We know what students (of general category) feel. We understand their blood boils when they see students (of reserved class) having less marks are getting admission but they should know that reservation is the hard reality. They should understand it. We cannot treat unequals as equal”!! Really this is what they have to say…!!

By definition Reservation in India means that the Indian Constitution provides a quota system whereby a certain number of posts in the Government/public sector units, in all public and private educational institutions, (except in the religious/ linguistic minority educational institutions) in order to mitigate backwardness of the socially and educationally backward communities and the Scheduled Castes and Tribes….But is this definition applicable still??If we were living in a time just before and after Independence I would perhaps not object to it…But it is a different story altogether today !

In 1947 just after Independence there were several sections of our society that were leading a deplorable life. To add to that there was partition based on religion and that had further added to the woes and fears of the people.They had been exploited for ages and the false beliefs in the society at that time further worsened their condition.Our Country was just born and the government of that day introduced the concept of reservations so that there would be equal progress of all sections of the society. As the years passed, the condition of the people of reserved categories improved. After nearly 60 years of independence now,the conditions have changed-the society as a whole has grown and what was a reality then is not similar to anything that exists today. At a time like this, the Supreme Court’s comment just adds further fuel to the fire.

First of all I am totally against dividing people based on Castes or class.. I mean how the hell does one decide that he or she is from a backward caste and the other is not…!!So I definitely do not endorse the policy of reserving seats/jobs for people based on any social or cultural divide…! The Idea of Division of society/people on Caste itself is so utterly despicable; then how can something based on that very wrong idea be right !? How can you assume that just because a person belongs to a so called “Backward Caste” he or she is not well off or not able to provide for oneself and is at the mercy of reservation…!!

People belonging to the so called “General” Category in the educational institution I studied were given only 2 or 3 books from the library per semester and that too the condition of those books were pathetic as if from a pre-historic era….But for students from again the so called SC,ST or OBC quotas new and much much more than 3 books were provided per semester….And all this based on what? Just the assumption that all belonging to the so called lower castes or backward castes cannot afford to buy books and all from the General Quota have money trees in their houses..!! What sort of a classification is that !

I would agree if there is a reservation based on the income of the family…If a family is unable to provide for itself or if it is below the poverty line then yes by all means give them everything to lead a good life…But based on caste ..!! HELL NO !!

I know many belonging to the so called lower castes are so well off that offering reservation to them is like offering water to the sea ! I know many from the so called General Quota who cannot afford two meals a day and are left to fend for themselves…!! Why !??

So many times deserving candidates are not able to get seats in educational institutions of their choice just because those seats are given to a less deserving candidate on account of reservation…Now I am willing to ignore that if the less deserving candidate at least finishes the education for which he had got the seat ! But more often than not what happens is the latter leaves his education midway ‘coz obviously he is not capable of doing that…So he not only ends up wasting that seat but also the life of the deserving candidate is ruined…

But what else can we expect in a country where the country’s passport itself is not accepted as proof of address or even ID proof if you do not belong to a particular state…or in a country where the way you are treated depends on whether you are a local at that state or whether you are of a certain caste…

Our society has become so chauvinistic on castes, economic, social and religious divide that the entire fabric of Indian Democracy is reduced to nothingness…How can we expect a liberal India with equal opportunities for all the Supreme Court of the Country advocates “Reservation”….?? How can an authority like the Supreme Court of the country say We cannot treat unequals as equal!!..Who is the equal and who is the unequal ?

All things considered,I am all for some sort of system wherein help is provided;be it in the name of reservation;based on Economic or even medical condition of a person but definitely not from the Sociocultural perspective….