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Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden is this week’s book recommendation.


Genre: Historical Fiction


Why should you pick it up?


Well, first of all, it’s historical fiction so that should be your first incentive. I think it is one of the best genres there is for us readers. But I do know it is difficult to sell historical fiction to all. Not everyone has the patience, I think. So, let me give you a few more reasons.


This book takes you intimately through the life of a geisha. It gives you a glimpse into a culture that is fascinating yet shows the ugliness that hides behind the rice-paper screens. Yes, an ugliness that many girls are taught to live with and even aspire to live through. It tells the story of a young girl from a fishing village and how her life turns out to be while learning the art of geisha. Personally, I found it fascinating and even tragic that girls were made to believe that beguiling the most powerful men was the way to a prosperous life, that their sole aim was decking up even if uncomfortable doing so and feeding the fancies of men who often had wives at home.


Read, it’s a book that will touch you at a deeper level.


Link to Good Reads:


Memoirs of a Geisha


The book is available in Paperback and as a Kindle edition. So, what are you waiting for?


Memoirs of a Geisha


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13 thoughts on “Book Recommendation 8 #Reads”

  1. I have read this book and felt the same way about the young girls being brainwashed into becoming Geishas. Well written book and a sulekhagreat recommendation.

  2. Love the book’s cover! I know they say don’t judge a book by its cover, but…. sometimes that’s how I choose what to read! Thanks to your review, I can ba a little better informed. Thanks for enriching my knowledge.

  3. It’s so interesting that I have come across this book so often but have never picked it up. One wonders at its timeless appeal. Is it the universality of the women being subdued that strikes a chord? Is it the writing?

    Must surely get it soon. How tragic, like you say, that they must have grown up thinking this was the way to success or happiness.
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