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When you grow up reading Dickens, Austen and Shakespeare, there’s always a part of you that yearns to visit the country these greats belonged to. Well, at least it is so for me. Unfortunately, though I haven’t had a chance to do that just yet. Let’s just say, it was a little too expensive for me. But what do you know, there’s never been a better time to visit London than now.


Perfect time to visit London? Now.


London in December is like a setting out of a fairy tale or so they say. With Christmas and New Year’s just around the corner, the festivities are in full swing. It is beautiful and inviting, a kaleidoscope of experience waiting right there for you.


But you might wonder if it’s affordable? That’s a valid question and an important one too. Affordability is always one of the key points of consideration for me as well. But, with the recent exchange rate gains (1 GBP = INR 100 earlier this year and now 1 GBP = INR 82), the reality of experiencing London has never been more within reach. We can now get more out of our Rupee than we did earlier. So, yes, it’s a good time to fly there. And what better than by British Airways.




Why British Airways?


It has been connecting India to Britain for over 90 years now. As a company, they know how Indian customers are and what we like. Not only that they provide excellent service and now lots of additional offers too.


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Offers Galore for British Airways International Customers


There’s is no dearth of offers for you once you choose British Airways. With Rupee now going further than ever before, there are a lot of exclusive retail and shopping offers for the British Airways customers which don’t cause a huge dent in your savings.

Few offers at a glance


  • VIP treatment at Westfield London
  • Afternoon tea special offers
  • Discounts at Floris British Perfumers
  • Discounts at Bicester Discount Shopping Village
  • Discounts in Menswear and Tailoring
  • Discounts at Bentley & Skinner


You can check all the offers here.


Things to do while in London


There’s so much for every kind of traveler there. For someone who loves to read and buy books like me, there’s always Foyles, Britain’s biggest independent bookshop for more than a century now. For those who love shopping, there is always London’s West End for stores like Hamleys, Liberty and Selfridges. And what’s even better is that some stores are open till late night during this season. Wonderful, isn’t it?


Of course, there’s the usual and convenient hop on, hop off bus tours. And yes, the unmissable London Eye. And there is so much history. You can’t forget the food too because London is an amalgamation of so many cultures and hence cuisines. And how can you forget the Christmas and New Year fireworks on river Thames? That’s a strong reason in itself to visit.


Let’s just say, there’s a lot to do. You can find out more here.


So, tell me, are you flying British Airways to London this season or not?

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  1. This sounds so perfect. I am crazy to visit London too for same reasons – grown up reading Shakespeare. Austen, and Dickens!

  2. Visiting London has been on my wishlist since I started reading Enid Blyton and I can’t wait for the day I would actually get to go there. Your description so makes me want to go now but we’re heading to SA, California instead! I read a day or two back about the price crash in London on Scoopwhoop perhaps, so, it is really an ideal time to visit there. 🙂

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