This #InternationalWomensDay #BeBoldForChange

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“Of course, women must earn less than men because they are weaker, they are smaller and they are less intelligent, they must earn less, that’s all,” stated a 74-year-old Member of European Parliament recently.


Can you imagine that even in 2017 people have such views?


This is what women have to fight and stand up against. And this is why women need to be bold for change, be bold to snatch equality out of the hands of such misogynistic individuals who often form a huge chunk of our society.


Last year on the International Women’s Day, I talked about parity. Little did I know then that after joining back work post my maternity leave, I’ll realize how much we lack parity at the workplace. In fact, I’ll come face to face with it. From then to now, I have tried to lean in and grab my seat at the table. But the truth is we are still miles off from achieving gender parity, parity at the workplace.


Parity is what I dream about. Gender parity, actually. My life experience as a woman is affected because of the lack of parity. And I don’t like that.


The World Economic Forum predicts the gender gap won't close entirely until 2186. We have to change that. 2186 is too far. #BeBoldForChange #IWD2017 Click To Tweet


I have realized in the last 8 months or so that achieving a reality where women are treated with respect both inside their homes and outside is not easy. When I joined back work post the birth of my daughter, I found out how hard it is for women who want to do both – raise a family while having a career without the help of parents or in-laws. The seats at the tables are not willingly given to working mothers. Some are stifled out of the race. And that’s where I have learnt how important it is to #beboldforchange even if we are scared because I don’t like the sound of 170 years to gender parity.


This women’s day I reiterate my promise to keep fighting for as long as I can. The odds are many and judging by the past months, it is not going to be easy either. But this is a battle I need to fight for myself and for my daughter.



We need a gender-inclusive world. We need to strive for a world where our daughters can earn as much as our sons if they have the same level of skills. We need to strive for a world where working mothers are not seen as non-performers or dead wood.


I’m not naïve and I know gender parity, a more gender inclusive world when it comes to women is probably not possible in my lifetime but I’m still going to keep trying and raising my voice wherever and whenever I can. Because this is really important.



It’s not going to be easy because people like that sexist and misogynist septuagenarian sitting in the European parliament are far too many and a majority of them hold important positions. But it is not impossible as well if women hold on to each other and go-ahead together.


I don’t want my daughter to face the issues that I’m facing at work for being a working mother. I also don’t want her to live in fear of her safety. I want to gift her a world of equal opportunity. And that’s why I’m going to #beboldforchange.


Are you going to join me or not?



Happy Women’s Day to all of you.

11 thoughts on “This #InternationalWomensDay #BeBoldForChange”

  1. This is much needed, Naba. Not just for Women’s Day but all year around.If we can get sustainable initiatives and focus the spotlight on things that need to change on an ongoing basis, that would be half the battle won. I hope that this will come to pass sooner than later. I love how my daughter is fierce and independent and I don’t want the world to curb or limit that in any way. Much love to you.

  2. Yes, we must share, support and talk about it. Right from our homes till the edge of the world.
    Good initiative. Happy Woman’s Day.

  3. Yes, we must share, support and talk about it. Right from our homes till the edge of the world. Our girls and boys need to understand and embrace feminism and equality and I talk about it to my son all the time.
    Good initiative. Happy Woman’s Day.

  4. Enjoyed your honest sharing Naba. Gender parity is so far away and the lack of it so disheartening. But we must keep fighting.

  5. We need a gender inclusive world. And now more than ever, we need to raise our voices, and together make this possible. We need to speak louder to shut such regressive thoughts and voices (as that of the parliamentarian mentioned)

  6. Working in the field you are in , I know exactly what you mean. I haven’t experienced but observed. Gender parity for sure seems quite far but yeah, we being bold and raising and help being bold for sure would make visible changes..
    I hope the situation at your workplace improves. 🙂

  7. Glad you wrote this Nabanitha! This society has been tricked so very badly that women, somehow have been shoved off to somewhere deep down. Though this must not have been preconditioned during evolution, it has successfully happened slowly and thoroughly. If we need to revert to a condition where women can grow equally to men, we need to be bold and get noticed.

  8. Of course, I’m with you. We need to ask for what we deserve. Also, while the fight for gender parity is on, many companies are in the fight to bring parity. I’m seeing conversations and stuff spoken that will take time in Indian services sector. It’s a sad but true reality. What’s in our hand is to ask and if we don’t get what we ask, move on. In my mind, there is no point being loyal under such circumstances.

  9. Well said, Nabanita. Gender parity is what many hundreds and thousands of women are fighting for every day and even though as you point out there are those who continue to oppose it, we still need to voice our opinions and talk about it, or as they say, “make an issue about it” because it affects us and it affects us very harshly. Instead of just talking about it, we need to create systems that ensure parity, of opportunity, of equal rights, of equal pay and all that which is denied to women today even as they stride together with men in every area. Fingers crossed…let’s hope things begin to change for the better soon and we really don’t wait for 170 years for that to happen.

  10. Well spoken Naba – gender parity is so important when 50% of the workforce is women; we seem to want to stifle them into age old roles of homemakers, baby makers….. but not let them shift the gear into successful working women.
    Times are changing as are some men too; new age men! So hopefully things will change and work out for the better

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