#Travel – Why I Love Holidays In Goa



What comes to mind when you hear the word?


Sun, Sand and Surf. Am I right?





Well, I can bet among all the things that one associates with Goa, these three definitely find a mention. In fact, they must find a mention.


There’s something magical about this place, magical and laid back. It offers the respite that we all seek and crave for. One of the top vacation spots in India, it is our beach paradise.


Goa is everything an ideal travel destination should be and more. You cannot visit Goa and come back without wanting to go back again. Yes, it is a place that needs to be revisited as often as possible.


Goa, one of the top vacation spots in India, it is our beach paradise. Click To Tweet


It was only last year that I set foot there for the very first time in my life. And tell you what, it has become my favourite travel destination in India ever since. In fact, I revisited Goa as a 20-weeks pregnant woman last year, just a few months after my first visit there. And this year, I’m planning to celebrate our daughter’s first birthday there as well. In fact, my tickets and bookings are already done. So, you see, you cannot help but fall in love with Goa. You just can’t.


My favourite part of Goa


South Goa is a paradise within a paradise.


Both the times that I had been there, I stayed in South Goa. What can I say, I was craving the peace, quiet and clean beaches. And South Goa has all the three on offer. The beaches are not too commercialised or overcrowded and best of all, they are clean. Imagine, sitting by the sea and reading all day long while sipping on your favourite beverage without the cacophony of thousands around you. Perfect, isn’t it? Well, that’s South Goa for me.




South Goa is a paradise within a paradise. Click To Tweet


Villas, Beaches and Peace




Picture this. A villa by the beach overlooking the sea, coconut palms almost protecting the white sandy heaven beneath with miles and miles of the sea beyond. Perfect, isn’t it? But there is more. Far from the rigmarole of daily life  without worrying about packing your daughter’s bag for the creche or what to ask the cook to prepare for dinner, a few days in Goa is what I crave for. And I’m sure everyone else does too for various other reasons.


The food, the people and the ambience are so laid back and relaxing that you cannot help but feel happy and rejuvenated there. That is perhaps the reason why people flock to Goa the moment they get a chance.


The first time my husband was there, he had stayed in a villa with his group of friends. To this day, he tells me the best place to put up in Goa is a typical Goa Villa. The experience is something else altogether.


North Goa – A potpourri of fun.


He and his friends had stayed at a villa near the Baga Beach in Goa. Exciting nightlife, restaurants, shacks and water sports, everything was a stone’s throw away from their villa.   He tells me they had a wonderful time and it wasn’t that expensive either.


The best place to put up in Goa is a typical Goa Villa. Click To Tweet


Maybe in one of my subsequent visits I could see that as well. The only thing that puts me off is the crowd. My ideal vacation is one where I’m far away from maddening crowds and Baga Beach or rather North Goa beaches fall rather on the crowded end of the spectrum.


Goa, I’ll be there soon.


Well, North or South, the bottom line is, Goa has everything on offer for all kinds of travellers. If there are crowded beaches then there are secluded and clean ones too. If there are expensive villas and hotels, there are affordable ones too. If there are the routine activities for travellers, there are offbeat ones too. If Goa is perfect during New Year’s, it’s wonderful during Monsoons too.


I’m going to be in Goa this November. When are you going?


Pic Credits: www.thegoavilla.com

13 thoughts on “#Travel – Why I Love Holidays In Goa”

  1. So rightly said about Goa.. I had been to this place 4 times twice Official and twice with family.. As you said, North or south, Goa has its own beauty of greenery, waters and slopes and is worth a visit all the days of the year.. Train travel between Londa and Vasco passing thru’ Doodhsagar Falls is truly memorable when done this journey in the day.. A great Post on the Topic. Thanks for sharing the Post, Nabanita!

  2. Goa is my ultimate favorite destination. I prefer the quieter South Goa beaches and resorts though the North ones are more vibrant and fun. Been to Goa 5 times till now. 🙂 Last trip was last October. Hopefully soon. Hope you have a great time in November, Naba.
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  3. I love Goa and go there when I can 🙂 I have friends who live in South Goa and so with the locals showing us the best places its quite blissful. The place, greenery, people, food, lazy ambience everything appeals to me. Lovely post Naba.

  4. I didn’t get a chance to stay in beach villa. It sounds perfect… To watch sunset over Arabian Sea, sipping on your favorite drink. Ooo i am so excited for you. I had spent most of my time in Callangata beach, enjoying all the water sports. Yes, the beaches in Goa are really clean when compared to others. Have an awesome trip 🙂
    Rajlakshmi recently posted…I’ve got a crush on the World – 3My Profile

  5. I have been to Goa twice! The first time was with my family and the second time around it was with my college friends. Both experiences so different from each other, but equally fun. Goa is truly a paradise, something for everyone. My husband hasn’t been to Goa yet. So definitely will plan during our next India visit.
    Hope you have a great time in Goa! This time it will be super special with your daughter! 🙂
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