Accommodation Options And Things To Do On The Exumas


If you are looking for a dream Bahamas holiday, then you should consider checking out the Exumas. They are a collection of over 360 islands and cays within the Bahamas region. They are famous for their white beaches, turquoise water and list of famous faces who own islands in the area. There is a huge array of accommodation types available throughout the islands, from exuma villa rentals to world-class resorts you will not be short of luxury when you take a vacation to this fabulous area.


There are three main areas in which you can find accommodation, that is if you don’t have your own private island. We are going to look at some of your options and some extra bits of information that may help you in your selection. The selection process is quite easy and narrowed down to just three islands, as many of the others are uninhabited or privately owned.


Great Exuma:


Great Exuma is the main island of the Exumas and home to Georgetown, the capital of the region. This is where you will most likely initially land as it is home to Exuma international airport and therefore the main transport hub of the area. This is the commercial heart of the Exumas, so you will find most of the shopping and food options on this island. It is also her you will find the best value for money regarding accommodation, you can find many guest house, your Exuma villa rental and a few resorts.


The resorts vary in what they have to offer, and this mostly depends on your budget. You can find anything from the luxurious Sandals emerald bay with all the amenities you would expect to find from a gorgeous pool to world class restaurant. If you shop around though and do some research before you arrive you can find some great deals in regard to villas and condos right on the beach. This will provide you with a homelier feel and allow you to have a slightly less expensive experience than an all-inclusive holiday. I think though if you are coming this far you should try to be as luxurious as possible, so you surely will never forget to experience.


Being the main hub of the area, this is also where you will find the most options for tours and day trips around the Exumas. Some of the most popular activities include snorkelling, scuba diving kayaking and hiking. Be sure to check around with different tourist agencies for the best deals and adventures that suit you.


Little Exuma:


The little brother of greater Exuma is just a short trip away and connected by a bridge making getting g about far easier. Little Exuma has far better options for those looking for villa rentals and more private accommodation. You will find the beaches here are tranquil and gives you the opportunity to explore the area at your leisure. If or when you get a little bored of your own company, you can then return to greater Exuma for a more livelier nightlife or simply to find some extra company. The best thing about little Exuma is that you have the best of both worlds.


Being home to the tropic of cancer you will be able to explore one of the most beautiful and untouched beaches in the world. Something that the Exumas are famous for and yet it still doesn’t attract the huge crowds which would normally flock to places that are so popular. As with its big neighbour you can find the tour operators offering you a host of options for getting around the Exumas.


Transport on the Exumas:


Just a small note on transport on the two larger Exumas. Taxis are readily available throughout the islands and you will find a host of them when you arrive at the international airport. They can bring you to anywhere on the two islands, however, getting around by foot or bicycle are the two most popular options. This will give you a local’s perspective of the island and it is a nice leisurely way to meet locals and guests on the islands.


If you happen to visit some of the outer islands, then this will almost exclusively be by boat and on foot.


Staniel Cay:


Staniel Cay is the final place we will look at regarding accommodation. This is the boating capital of the Exumas and where you will most likely meet the crew of any boat you happen to charter for expeditions throughout the Exumas. It is here that you will see the most luxurious side of the area. Being the boating capital, you will find many visitors stopping here as they pass through with their yachts and larger chartered boats. There are no cars on this island and the small number of places to stay make the island feel more like a resort community than a collection of individual places.


Here you can find a few vacation rentals and some resorts but be warned these are on the higher end of many people’s budgets and if you are not chartering a boat then staying on Staniel Cay would be a little pointless.


As you can see these three areas offer a variety of places to stay and can for almost any budget. Be warned the Exumas are not the most affordable of locations, so make this an experience that you will not forget.


If you are looking for a dream Bahama holiday, then you should consider checking out the Exumas. Accommodation options and things to do on the Exumas. #Bahamas #Travel #Exumas


Pic Credit | Exuma By Brent Grablachoff via Shutterstock