7 Tips For Normal Delivery


Pregnancy is probably one of the most beautiful and challenging times in a woman’s life. It is a phase where there are so many changes taking place in our body that we are constantly filled with doubts and questions. And one of those questions, probably the most important of them all, is whether to go for a normal delivery or a C-Section. I always say it all depends on what your doctor recommends and how your pregnancy is progressing. But having had a normal delivery myself, I think there are certainly a few advantages if you can have a normal delivery. But again, always go with what your obstetrician/ gynecologist recommends.


Of course, I have heard many stories from women where they have been recommended to go for C-Section even when they could have gone for a Normal Delivery. I think therefore it is very important that you choose a doctor and a hospital which is concerned about your health and not the financial aspect of it. That is why my acquaintances in Delhi often recommend Sitaram Bhartia as one of the best hospitals in Delhi when it comes to giving birth.


What I gather is that Sitaram Bhartia has a team of Normal Delivery Experts who work with the mother to ensure she is ready for normal delivery when it’s time. They address all concerns – big or small – and most importantly the consultations are not rushed which by the way, is a problem is many other hospitals. They have over 15 years experience in minimizing unnecessary medical interventions to help mothers have a positive birth experience. From antenatal education, time and attention and expert care, they not only provide you normal delivery tips but also work dedicatedly towards the same. So, if you are in Delhi, they are worth checking out.


Anyways. As I was saying, I had a normal delivery myself when I gave birth to my daughter. And while there is no doubt that giving birth is painful to the superlative degree, there are certainly positive aspects to natural birth.


So, for those who want to go for a normal delivery, here are a few tips for you.


7 Tips For Normal Delivery


1) Choose the right obstetrician/ gynecologist and hospital


What can I say, this is really one of the most important aspects of giving birth because you are entrusting your and your child’s life on their hands. So, choose a good doctor and one who is known to suggest either kind of delivery procedures based on your pregnancy. I was lucky to have an obstetrician/ gynecologist who waited for me to deliver normally. And I cannot tell you how thankful I’m for that. The hospital you choose should also have a track record of the same. What I mean is that it should not have more C-Section births, not until necessary. In lieu of that, folks in Delhi can check out Sitaram Bhartia.


2) Be active during your pregnancy


Again, before I proceed, I must say that it all depends on the state of your pregnancy. But if you can then it is always good to stay active during your pregnancy. I remember to be working until the day my water broke so I was fairly active. I had a colleague who was pregnant around the same time as me and she took pregnancy yoga classes very seriously, as a result, I think it took her about 30 minutes to deliver her son through normal delivery. So, you see where I’m coming from? Go for regular walks, exercise under the supervision of an expert and stay as active as possible throughout the pregnancy to ensure you have a chance at a normal delivery.


3) Take care of your diet


As a norm, any pregnant woman must take care of her diet. Healthy eating will not only ensure that she has the necessary strength to go through a normal delivery but will also help to keep a lot of other issues at bay. Fruits, vegetables, lean meat, dairy, protein-rich food in right amounts ensuring a well-balanced diet is a must. Care should be taken to not intake too much sugar in any form. Basically, have healthy and hygienic food to avoid complications.


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4) Attend Pre-natal classes, if possible


If you are like me then you’d probably have millions of questions about giving birth. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the time for attending pre-natal classes or childbirth education classes but you should if you get the chance. These are sessions where they teach you about birthing techniques, labor pain, pain management techniques, breathing techniques and more. It helps you to know what to expect and how to prepare for a normal delivery if your body cooperates.


5) Control Weight Gain


I’m not qualified to say much on this but from what I have heard from women who have given birth, they always tell me that gaining too much weight makes normal delivery a little tough. Consult your obstetrician/ gynecologist to find an optimal weight gain which would be safer and easier for you and your baby.


6) Don’t plan your due date


I’m not sure if it happens elsewhere but in India, there have been instances that people want to go for induced labor and C-Section to give birth on certain auspicious days. I say it’s an unnecessary risk. I think we need to wait for the baby to arrive naturally or wait for the doctor whom you have entrusted this job of bringing your baby safely make the decision based on your health and not a date.


7) Try to stay stress-free


I know it’s probably easier said than done but an effort can be made towards the same. While reading up on pregnancy is good, avoid the negative stories out there. Keep a positive frame of mind. Remember that every pregnancy is unique so do not take undue stress after reading or listening to someone else’s horror stories of labor.


Well, these were my 7 tips to help you prepare for a normal delivery. I would like to reiterate again that it all depends on your pregnancy. But yes, since normal delivery is considered to be healthier for both mom and baby with faster post-delivery recovery with a short hospital stay, it is an option worth considering.


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26 thoughts on “7 Tips For Normal Delivery”

  1. Those are valuable tips and a lot of them hold true for a C-section too – the one on controlling weight gain and having a good diet, remaining active and not stressing about the due date. One should definitely aim for a normal delivery, the recovery is much faster. But of course if you have a complication, like having twins for me, the doctor is the best person to go to for advice.
    Obsessivemom recently posted…Food and fitness in LucknowMy Profile

  2. Each of these are valuable and would surely ensure a normal delivery. Having had two normal deliveries, I remember my mom telling me these things during my pregnancy. Much as i would crib about it at that time, I realise now how important these points actually are.
    Ramya Abhinand recently posted…May Memories & Mayhem- Summer lessonsMy Profile

  3. Very interesting article. Well, normal delivery cost much less than surgical delivery. Great post

  4. These are useful tips. However, the focus should be on a healthy pregnancy and childbirth, irrespective of ‘normal’ or C-section. I hope mothers-to-be don’t add pressure on themselves to have it a certain way.

  5. I was lucky enough to work with a mid-wife during my pregnancy and she supported planning for the birth you want but preparing for any birth.

    These are great tips.

  6. Some people like me just dont go into labor on their own. I did all these things and need the pitocin with all 5 babies.

  7. I feel like having the right doctor is a big thing! I changed OBs between my first and second because I wanted a VBAC. I was able to do it too! One thing that was best for me was to stay at home and labor as long as possible before heading to the hospital.
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  8. Man my delivery was far from normal! I really wish I would have put more thought into my doctor.

  9. Both my deliveries were far from normal lol. My first, she came with little to no warning. Water refused to break. She came into the world an hour after getting to the hospital. My second, water broke , was induced (twice) he did NOT want to come out.

  10. These are great tips! I wanted a really normal and natural delivery. I did for the most part. However they gave me pitocin when it was not really needed. I was displeased with that. My son was delivered 24 hours after my labor started. I went into labor at 1030 am sunday morning while I was at church. he was born monday morning at 1038 am. They expected him sept. 2nd he arrives healthy and happy august 17th!

  11. This is so helpful, it is hard to know what to expect and sometimes things are out of our control completely but it is helpful to know there are things you can do to help!

  12. These are wonderful tips and things I think all pregnant women should be aware of. However, even in doing all of these things, a normal delivery may not always be in the cards.

  13. I will keep this in my mind 🙂 thank you for sharing these tips and suggestions 🙂

  14. Luckily this is like my birth experience. My deliveries were very normal. This is a great article for expecting mothers.

  15. I think it is also important that al expectant mom must be oriented enough to understand pregnancy and delivery. They must set their expectation that everything is not going to be easy so they must be emotionally and physically ready.

  16. I agree that it is all dependent on your pregnancy but the idea of having a good diet and attending classes sounds like a great way for preparing for your delivery. And trying to remain stress free is very difficult but I guess that it can help when you are pregnant.

  17. these are helpful tips thank you for sharing. Wish i read these while i was pregnant.

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