#AbKahan Turkey | A Dream Destination


I love watching travel shows. The idea of getting to know about a new destination, the culture and cuisine really excite me. What’s more, I get to see different parts of this beautiful world which I may not be able to ordinarily. It is one such travel show that took me on a virtual tour of Turkey for the very first time. And what can I say, I have been wanting to visit ever since. Maybe someday, I will.


The fact that Istanbul is the bridge between Europe and Asia, has fascinated me for a long time now. And it is a city I really wish to explore and experience some day. A bit of reading and of course those travel shows have shown me how much the city has to offer. The architectural brilliance which still shows the influence of Turkey’s history, the various empires that ruled here, is astounding. There is so much to see. The Ottoman-era Sultan Ahmet or Blue Mosque, Roman-era Hippodrome, Hagia Sophia, Basilica Cistern, the Spice Market and the Grand Bazar, Galata Bridge and more. Istanbul, in fact, Turkey, is a potpourri of cultural and historical influences dating back many centuries.


But Istanbul is not the only attraction of Turkey. There’s Cappadocia which is known for its rock formations. Urgup Museum, Tyrasan Viniculture, Asmali Konal, Esbelli House are just some of the attractions there. It’s a gold mine for a history lover. Though that’s not all because this area boasts of several vineyards and the terrain is conducive to hiking too.


Then there is the resort city of Antalya in Turkey’s southern Mediterranean region. It is known for its blue waters and beaches. Düden Waterfalls, Hadrian’s Gate, Konyaalti Beach, Yivliminare Mosque, Lara Beach, Karaalioglu Park, Antalya Museum are some of the attractions there.


Alanya is another popular resort town in Turkey. Situated on the central Mediterranean coast of the country, it has the Cleopatra Beach where the Egyptian Queen is believed to have swum. Ankara is Turkey’s centre for performing arts and its best described as its cosmopolitan capital.


Side, Izmir, Ephesus, Bodrum, Marmaris, Belek are other parts of Turkey which are a traveller’s delight.


I don’t know if the future holds a trip to Turkey for me. Nevertheless, I’m ready for whenever the moment is opportune. In fact, it might be a little premature, but I have checked the available flights too. Mostly I will have to reach Mumbai first as it’s the nearest connecting city from Bangalore. Probably, halt for a day in one of the hotels in Mumbai before finally flying out. There are actually some good Indian carriers which ultimately connect to Turkish Airlines flights towards Turkey.


What can I say, I’m just so eager for a trip there.


Too much planning? Well, perhaps.


Tell me, have you visited Turkey before?


10 thoughts on “#AbKahan Turkey | A Dream Destination

  1. Hey Naba. Yes, I have been to Turkey some times. I liked Cappadocia the most- just a wonder of the nature- really something special…. Fun to travel for sure:-) hope you will reach your dream destinations one day. Bigs hugs

  2. Wow! I love travel shows, not that I watch them too often. But, I get to travel to a place and enjoy its life and culture vicariously through these shows.
    Your post shows how eager you are to visit the place. Hope your wish is fulfilled soon, Nabanita! 🙂

  3. I’d love to, Nabanita. It is one of the dream destinations for me. I love to do armchair travelling and try not to miss it if I happen to catch a travel show that is about Turkey. Your post is an inspiration for me to set out on this long cherished trip…hopefully sometime in the near future! #TurkeyOnMyBucketList

  4. I haven’t, and in the current political climate, being a citizen of the United States, I probably won’t. It was a lifetime dream for one of my inlaws, and she was never able to make it, either.

  5. Turkey is so very beautiful, and such a wealth of history and culture! Capadochia is a destination that you will never forget. I hope I can visit again, soon!

  6. Of late I have been reading a few posts on Turkey. is that a sign? The posts on the place fascinates me and it goes on ‘To-Visit-Places’ list. Informative post, Naba. I hope you make the trip soon.

  7. Haven’t visited Turkey, but have heard so much about it. It’s a cultural epicentre of sorts, I have heard, and would be a good destination for a holiday.

  8. I love watching travel shows (and reading travel blogs or books or …) and planning my next trip. So much so I had a travel blog once and I’m thinking of re-booting it!

    Turkey was a highlight for us about five years ago.I wrote about Istanbul on my travelalphablog (atozoftravel.wordpress.com) , and I’ve written about Cappadocia on A Separate Life too.

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