21 Small Ways To Be Happier

As I write this, I’m in a state of mind where disappointment seems to be ruling the roost. Safe to say that I am currently feeling extremely low. Just one of those days, I suppose, when all that is lacking or wrong seems to take the centre stage pushing the good out of the periphery. What can I say, something went wrong and from there on it was a ripple effect of feeling bad to worse. But then this mom has promised to be mindful, hasn’t she? That’s why I have decided to do a little exercise. Yes, to write down my 21 small ways to be happier. Perhaps, this will help to shift my focus back to all that I have and am grateful for. And all that is there to do to feel better. Makes sense, doesn’t it? I hope it does.




I know that happiness is intrinsic, something that comes from deep within when we fight our way through the materialistic clutter of desires. Of course, being human, I forget this from time to time. And it’s okay because feeling bad or low is very natural. No one can be happy all the time. But after ruing about what went wrong or what didn’t happen, we need to pick up the pieces. At least, try to. Yes, try to be happy. And do you know what the best part about that is? It’s that true happiness almost always lies in the tiniest and silliest of things.


So, without further ado, let me list out the smallest of things that make me happy, that can make me happy and that already make my life better than I think it is.


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My 21 Small Ways To Be Happier


Pouring out my heart to my husband and my sister.


Reading a book.


Listening to music.


Hugging my little girl and sleeping.


Seeing the smile on my little girl’s face when I go to pick her.


Eating good food.


Talking to my parents.


Watching my favourite television series.


A sister’s day out.


Dipping biscuits into my tea and savouring them.


Cooking something good for the family.


When the little one’s cough goes away.


Shopping for clothes and wearing those new clothes to work. (Vanity is good at times!)


Buying a book.


Writing something each day.


Working on my blog a little every day.


Taking an impromptu off for a date with the husband.


Staying in on weekends.


Watching chick flicks with the sister.


A visit to the parlour.


Sitting on the balcony with a drink in hand and nothing else to do.


Well, that was me. I won’t say I feel completely better but it’s working. The clouds are starting to clear a little. I think I’ll come back to this exercise every now and then to remind myself that it’s not that hard to feel better, to feel happy.


What would you add to the list if you had to make one for yourself?


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24 thoughts on “21 Small Ways To Be Happier”

  1. What a lovely list Naba – mine is indulgence at a parlour, reading a good book, and psending me-time with myself!! I take a lazy day off in the week to ensure I have plenty of me-time!

  2. I really love all teh 21 ways you shared. I just ordered a book two days back and surprisingly it made me happy πŸ™‚
    I really do love Tc shows and rewatching Friends- again happy πŸ™‚

    Food has always been a source of happiness to me

  3. Dipping feet in warm water and relax all muscles with a soothing tangy mocktail in hand and music plugged into ears. Or else hug/talk/play with my stray dogs whom I fondly call my “stray pets” . If not these I plan for my next trip with husband.

  4. Dipping feet in warm water and relax all muscles with a soothing tangy mocktail in hand and music plugged into ears. Or else hug/talk/play with my stray dogs whom I fondly call my “stray pets” . If not these, then I plan for my next trip with husband.

  5. Love these tips. Escaping into a good book always help me. Oh and tea and biscuits! Hope you feel better x #mg

  6. Some lovely ways to be happy here πŸ™‚ At the moment I’m enjoying being inside as it’s pouring with rain here!

  7. This is a great way to start to shift a bad mood! My list would include painting/sketching, cuddling the cats, reading, eating good food, and chocolate!

  8. This is a wonderful exercise to shift the focus from moodiness to happiness, Naba! For me writing down gratitude list works in a similar way, I spend 10 minutes to write at least a minimum of 3 things I’m grateful for everyday, especially on those days when dullness takes the life out of me. I can see how listing 21 or more things can change that frown upside down. I will try this exercise today and maybe post on my blog. ❀️

  9. Nice and perfectly doable things. Remembering that there’s happiness to be had in all the little things we do, as long as we make sure to take notice ☺️x

  10. I have been very stressed out and overwhelmed with work of late, Naba. I can completely relate with these types. I turn to music, talking with someone close, hugging Coco or writing or my woes to feel better.

  11. Your list looks very similar to mine. I do have an exercise everyday point too which I am having toughest to follow. So I have added one more point – follow all the points above. πŸ˜€

  12. A good list. For me its spending time with my little one and reading a book on a lazy, rainy day or maybe even catching a small nap on a busy day. In our hectic and crazy world , we need to create our own happiness.

  13. You seem to have it all covered. My list would also have – reading comments on my blog, listening to the children talking and laughing, a zumba session, the cool breeze during my evening walk, sleeping in on the weekend, putting a surprise in the children’s tiffins. There are so many things once we begin to think about them. Thanks Naba for making me do this.

  14. Sigh, I need to write this all down and check it off one by one.

    As women, we have so much to do every day right? No amount of prioritizing can get us to be free even for a while. I have now learnt to find happiness in small things. Be it having a long conversation with my partner, or sitting on the balcony and reading, I’ve finally found instant boosts to my morale.

    I hope you get more and more such moments of bliss, Naba.

  15. Thank you for this post, Nabanita! I have pinned it!
    And, I am going to do a similar post on my blog (if you don’t mind!) so that I can remind myself of all those things I tend to take for granted, but which give me those few moments of unadulterated joy in between a chaotic day!
    Loved this list of simple things that actually make such a huge difference in our lives!

  16. My list would read exactly like this.
    Sun-dried laundry, drinking tea in absolute peace, power naps, good book, great food, phone call/chat with my son, chatting with my sisters and some friends… make me happy.
    Such small things but they truly make us happy!

  17. Those are some lovely ways to ensure happiness. You’re right in that we cannot be happy all the time and it’s okay to acknowledge sadness and disappointment. One of the things I’ve found that’s helping me feel more content these days is keeping a gratitude diary every night. It helps me notice the smaller things. Apart from that, I love spending time with my cats, reading, writing, exercising, going to the beach, hiking.

  18. Breathing, walking on the beach, grabbing a family ice cream, going on a hike…such joy in the little things! TY! #mg xo

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