Why No One Talks About Compassion Anymore?


“Compassion is the basis of morality.” Arthur Schopenhauer

Sad that today the world seems to be lacking in the very basis of morality. Why? Well, that is probably the million-dollar question, isn’t it?

Read the newspaper, you’ll know what I mean when I say that the world seems to have since long misplaced compassion. On top of that, it also seems as though not many are looking for it either. So sometimes, in fact at most times, I’m forced to believe that our world has probably gone to the dogs or very nearly at the verge of it.

When I read about a plane being shot out of the sky, and intentionally too, I feel what more can there be left to see? When I see an innocent pilot being burnt alive to propagate some twisted interpretation of faith, I can’t help but feel disgusted at the levels to which humanity has stooped. When I see people commenting on the apparent lack of character of a woman raped in some part of my country, I feel outraged and defeated at the same time. When I see the world snubbing the horrific attacks by Boko Haram, I lament at the hypocrisy of the modern world. When I see an aged, harmless man being beaten black and blue by police officers in a foreign country, I feel how xenophobic can the world get?

But then I’m reminded of this line by Aesop, No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted. So why give up so soon? That is also the reason why I’m going to take part in this wonderful initiative, 1000 Voices of Compassion. Today over 1000 bloggers from around the world, yes you read it right over 1000 bloggers, will write about compassion. Today we will bring back compassion to coffee table discussions and water cooler talks. Today we will remind the world that it’s time we bring empathy back to our lives, our world. Interested? Well, read on then.

India, my country, is, even today, fighting on many fronts; on a number of social issues. One of those being educating the girl child. Well, with education being so expensive, another topic of deliberation for later, it becomes difficult for the poor to send their kids to school. Yes, it’s impossible to, even if they want to. Well, the same was the case with the maid who worked at my mother’s. But not anymore. Mum and dad decided to take on themselves the responsibility of educating her daughter. And they are, in fact, still doing it even after the maid stopped working for them. Today that little girl is in the 2nd standard. But why have I mentioned this here? Well, because it shows compassion still exists and so much closer to home. It gives me hope. 

But that’s not the only instance that I want to share here. I remember reading about one of my blogger friends too helping out her maid’s daughters with school work. And I know several such people who have decided to shoulder the responsibility for educating girls around India, in their own capacity but still.

Do you know how important it is for girls to be educated? Very. In fact, I can go on writing posts on the significance of it all. But that’s for another day. It’s the silver lining that I want to speak about here. The glimmer of hope that kindness still very much exists.

Look around, I’m sure there are people you can help. Remember it’s not about how much but what. Yes, you and I need to ask ourselves what we can do, then go ahead and do it too. And who better to do it for than the children, the future of the world? What better than educating them?

So tell me will you join hands with me and the rest of the world in this crusade for compassion? Will you?




55 thoughts on “Why No One Talks About Compassion Anymore?

  1. In today's world, we need to get the basic right.. just one human treating other like a normal human, without staring at their scares and being judgmental. Why I wonder is it so tough to love? Glad you brought the point of girl child education. I can't even stress how important that is. Beautifully written.

  2. If only we would act with empathy instead of sympathy, the world would be a great place for all. Nicely said.

  3. If only we would act with empathy instead of sympathy, the world would be a great place for all. Nicely said.

  4. If only everyone would get back to the basics and treat others as they would want to be treated what a better world we would live in!

  5. Hi Nabanita,
    This is my first time here. Came across your blog today, and I am so glad I did. Such a well written post. I completely agree with you. While compassion might be difficult to find easily these days, the small acts of kindness around us give us hope, that things are not so bad. There is still hope. There always will be 🙂

  6. Your parents have set a wonderful precedent and an example for you to imbibe. You should be really proud of them… and yes, it is important that people just dont give up hope. Like you, I too feel so heartbroken when I read the level of depravity that is happening in the world around us … we need to believe that there is more to humanity than all this.
    Lovely post.

  7. If we just help one person at a time, as you mentioned in your comment!! It looks like your parents are doing just that! 🙂

  8. In the times we live, our world needs compassion more than ever! Gad that you learnt about compassion from close quarters! That's the way it should be!

  9. True, every little act of kindness helps. Every drop counts. If only we can remember that instead of being cynical all the time which I believe is so easy to do in the world that we see around us today. Nicely written, Naba.

  10. This is a really good initiative….
    Our world has really gone to the dogs now..
    Compassion, empathy are long lost words..
    But yes, educating the girl child, for that matter, educating children is the foremost and most important activity in anyone's life..

  11. Firstly, I loved your new layout Naba! Too good.
    Secondly, yes these days compassion is looked down upon and has become a virtue that people think is least required beyond their own self. We need to rise above ourselves to think about others but when do we rise above self? We are forever self confined beings with "my" this "my" that syndrome deficiency!


  12. I love that we're flooding the internet today with positivity, Naba. So glad you're participating, too. Lovely post and yes, educating a girl is equal to educating an entire generation.

    Love your blog theme. 🙂

  13. Yes, this gives us hope! Makes us believe that even when the newspapers are flashed with terrible barbaric acts, there is still goodness around. We need to pick up the positives and spread it around as much as possible. The only way the world can become a better,more compassionate place!

  14. We have become so desensitised to the point of being de-humanised. It's almost like we need to get down to basics and learn to be human again.

  15. This is a wondfully thought provoking post. Thankfully you mention the silver lining , your patents paying for their maid's daughters education. This is something many people do in fact it is advertised here in the UK. It is important to educate women. They to rise up and become equal. To become equal they need education that is why some religions and nationalities don't want women educated, they want to keep them down. I am impressed by your blog. I take your had and shout We need compassion. xx

  16. Naba, I can hug you endlessly for this post! You said it. No matter how dark the world seems there is always a silver lining. Always. Thank you for making us all look for it in our lives.

  17. So true, Naba..the little, unspoken acts of kindness is what keeps us going and gives us the faith that all is not lost, yet.

  18. Great post! You're right, even seeing a few people being compassionate brings us hope. I think it is so awesome that your family is helping educate the former maid's daughter!

  19. You're right, compassion is closer to home than we imagine. Just like your mother's act of kindness towards the maid's daughter, there are many people around us who quietly do their bit to help people around. There's as much good as bad in this world.

  20. Very true. Agree with your views, Naba.
    Our world needs more Compassion. We don't want any more planes to be shot and all those n number of terrible acts…

  21. Well written Naba. Yes, compassion exists, we just need to see it. It helps to reduce the cynicism that surrounds us which makes us immobile to fight intolerance.

  22. Hi Naba! I'm so happy to be joining you in this #1000speak project of sharing compassion around the world. AND I find it incredibly interesting how we can all share different aspects of this incredibly powerful force for good. It doesn't matter where we live, each of us adds to the whole. Thank you ! ~Kathy

  23. People need to look beyond themselves. I always believe the world is worth living due to the few compassionate people. Great post. It's awesome of your parents to help educate a girl.

  24. I am loving all of these posts on compassion.. I wish I had heard of these in time to jump in on all the fun!!

    Anyhoo, I found your blog through a fellow blogger (Charlotte at the Green Nook), and thought I would stop by and say hi! It would totally make my day if you did the same.. or better yet, keep in touch! <3 - http://www.domesticgeekgirl.com

  25. All around us are so many acts of kindness. We need to focus on that and stop focussing on the all the negative news that seem to be thrown our way constantly. God bless your parents.

  26. Dear Naba.. I think it all starts with the thought, and then the action.. and today since all of us are sending our positive thoughts on compassion around..at least some part of the world may wake up, and the like the stadium wave it will spread..

    Cheerio.. Ashes

  27. it's sad where the world's heading to.. but still their's hope…. small start like this, as we join hands.. can create a difference.. let's make an act of compassion our daily motto…

  28. Each one, reach out to one. Beautiful message of compassion, great article. Your parents are doing a wonderful thing by educating the help's daughter.

  29. Loved your post, Naba. So well expressed. I was so touched reading about how your parents helped your maid educate her daughter. Now that is true compassion in action.

  30. Great line, No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted. And failing to educate girls is so shortsighted, good to hear of one family doing something about it.

  31. This is a wonderful post… And yes, Aesop's line is the whole driving force behind all of this.. 'No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.'

  32. This is the way to bring compassion back to our lives. Do it in small measures and big steps every single day.
    Nice initiative to teach the girls, so important.
    Well done.

  33. This is the way to bring compassion back to our lives. Do it in small measures and big steps every single day.
    Nice initiative to teach the girls, so important.
    Well done.

  34. That is an interesting post Naba . Using our good will for education of a girl- what can be more better than this ? I like how u started the post 🙂
    good luck

  35. I am glad to read your post, thank you for sharing and its a blessing that so many bloggers have written on compassion, which means there is still a lot of goodness in this world, empowering women begins when we educate girl children and give them opportunities to grow…

  36. Compassion doesn't get the recognition that it should. This world has some compassionate people, but they are few and far between unfortunately. Wish more people were like your parents!

  37. Touching post, Naba. Compassion, the word is fast disappearing from our vocabulary, and from our hearts. Hope this new movement inspires us all to better human beings, full of compassion compassionate and empathy. On my part, I pledge to be more compassionate from today onwards.

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