#Poem – One Last Time

Look at me,

My life, my soul.
Talk to me,
Tell me things
I love to hear.
Pray, don’t be quiet.
Have no fear.

Hold my hands,

Whisper those words

I need to hear.

All I want is

To feel your touch,

To feel the warmth.

So, don’t look away,

I need you near.

If I had know,

The slightest inkling at all,

Would hold you close,

That one last night.

Would smile some more,

On that last joke.

Would kiss you sweet

That one last time.

Hug you tight,

And not let you leave.

Would never fight

On trifling needs.

Had I know

Of fragile lives,

Would live each day

With you,

Some more,

Some more.

This morning I came across a very sad news. One of my Engineering College batchmates lost her husband last week. We weren’t in touch and even if we were I wouldn’t know what to say to her. I cannot even begin to imagine her pain. I just hope she and her child get the strength to carry on. If you read this, please send out a silent prayer for her. Thank You.

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I’m writing this for BAR-A-THON.

Today’s prompt: Fragile Lives

49 thoughts on “#Poem – One Last Time

  1. Poignant and beautiful!! Don't know what to say. Life is unpredictable. And sometimes totally unfair!

    Your writing has touched me in a certain way, so deep.

  2. Prayers for your friend. Indeed it is moments like this that one realizes how fragile our lives are!

  3. What a heartfelt poem. One is tongue tied at moments like these even though the heart is full. Condolences for your friend Naba.

  4. These moments are shocking reminders of how fragile our lives are. I feel for your friend. Prayers and strength for her.

  5. Life is too fragile for petty differences. I've had two such close encounters with people dear to me and know too well how quickly things can change…..

  6. So sorry about your friend. It's times like these we realize the value of life and those around us. Prayers for your friend!

  7. So tragic. Feel for your friend. Death hurts at all times but when untimely it hurts even more.

  8. So tragic. Feel for your friend. Death hurts at all times but when untimely it hurts even more.

  9. So tragic. Don't know what to say. This was really heartfelt. Prayers for your friend.

  10. Beautifully written Naba! A prayer for your friend and her child!
    It's tragic to learn how things are gone in a flash… forever!


  11. Sorry to hear that. Death scares me so much. Hugs.
    Your post is so emotional and true.

  12. Ohh biggest nightmare we ever think of and its happened with your friend, so sorry.. Prayer for your friend and her child!

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