#Poem – O Sweet Child Of Mine

Walking with you
Close by my chest
I look around
And feel this warmth
Like never before.

Your smile, your touch

Comforting bliss
Like I have never known.
With you,

O sweet child of mine,
This world beyond
The window,
Though inviting,
Feels perilous too.
The chirping birds,
The flowers,
Colorful, fragrant.
The smiles,
The songs,
This life,
Full of dreams
O sweet child of mine,
Everything I see now
Is more beautiful
With you tucked
By my chest.

But I fear too,
The other side.
The heartbreaks,

The heartaches,

Life’s painful strives.

O Sweet child of mine,

Wearing those

Tiny shoes,

How do I say

I see gloom too

Outside this window

And beyond?

Even on a beautiful day

With everything bright

With flowers in

Full bloom,

The sun generous

With warm sunlight,

Everything seems fine,

But I see,

danger lurking too.

O sweet child of mine,

How do I ever

Stop worrying

For you?

How do I ever

Let go?

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I’m writing this for BAR-A-THON.
Today’s prompt: Tiny Shoes

Also linking to #FridayReflections hosted by WriteTribe & Sanch.

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Today’s prompt: What can you see outside your window? Describe the weather, the sights, the sounds in the best possible way

30 thoughts on “#Poem – O Sweet Child Of Mine

  1. You've woven all the feelings of a mother into this poem Nabanita. The comfort and the warmth as well as the fears.

  2. this is so beautiful and powerful! I feel the same way, being a mother is such a mixture of fear and love and pride #Fridayreflections linked after you

  3. So beautiful and heartfelt Naba! A young mother's outpourings of love and concern for her little bundle!

  4. When we care for someone the fears are bound to surface. We want safety and health for our children.

  5. Beautiful. This is from every mother Naba and you have even shaped your verses in the shape of footprints πŸ™‚

  6. Every Mother's prayer is that her baby should be happy. Even as we see them grow, become strong individuals and live happy, we continue to worry – perhaps the color of the worry changes. Sweet poem, Naba!Enjoy the moments!

  7. I loved it, Naba. A Mom never stops worrying, does she? And yet truly loving is all about letting go. Someday little M is going to be reading all you've written and smile quietly to herself. β™₯

  8. Every mother's heart aches with these worries ever since the first day they hold them close to their chest. Beautiful poem, Naba. Loved it.

  9. Beautiful poem Baba. As moms there is a sort of instant connect from the very first day the baby is in our arms. We Care for them, nurture them and worry about them. Your poem speaks it all.

  10. We keep feeling it all the time no, Tulika? This fear and this need to take care of our children

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