#ABeautifulLife – Two Rocks Of My Life


Such a wonderful message, isn’t it? Men and women helping each other, planning for the future, securing each other’s future to insure a beautiful life.


A few years ago Emma Watson as a UN Women Goodwill Ambassador reached out to men and boys from all over the world to become advocates for gender equality. She highlighted how to achieve the goal of gender equality we need men to be involved in the movement as well. Yes, and that’s why we should also celebrate men who have stood with us shoulder to shoulder, helped us, pushed us if need be so that we, the women in their lives, are empowered. We need to celebrate fathers, sons, brothers and husbands who have been a driving force behind our success and happiness.


I’m quite lucky to have two such men in my life. Two men without whom I cannot imagine my life. My father and my husband.


Every daughter needs a father who wants to see her independent. And that’s what Baba has always wanted for me. In fact, he still does. Everything good in me is a reflection of him. Our education was his primary focus not our expertise in the kitchen. Our careers are now his primary focus, not the kind of homemakers we are. He has always worked hard to make sure we never have to depend on anyone else. The freedom that I enjoy today is because I have him as my father. I can think for myself and make decisions independently because he is there to lead me by example. I still remember when he had taken me to the bank to open my first account. I was in the 11th standard then. That was his foresight. He knew I would be moving out in a few years and wanted me to be adept in personal banking before that. Just one of the many important skills he taught me in life. In fact, when it comes to managing my finances, it’s his principles that I hold dear and his examples that I follow. I would be nowhere without him. And I hope I have been able to do something for him too. Of course, not nearly as much as he has and is still doing but on some levels at least even if it is something as basic as taking health insurance for him.



S, my husband, what do I say about him? He is just like my father in so many ways. Maybe that’s why I fell in love with him in the first place. He treats me as an equal without my having to ask him to do so. I’m his partner in life, an equal partner, and that’s what I love about our relationship. I’m able to pursue my career, my passions and be an individual because I have his support. Whether it’s parenting or managing leaves when our daughter is sick, he shares equal responsibility if not more. I would have drowned in stress if it hadn’t been for him. He encourages me to write, to work, indulges my reading habit as if it is his own and most importantly believes in my need to be me apart from my other roles. I couldn’t have balanced work and home without him. The life I have today wouldn’t be half as good without him.



They give me emotional security and prepare me for financial security. They help me in so many ways to stand on my own two feet and protect my future. They also encouraged me to take hold of my financial future, which is why after seeing this video I explored the Max Life knowledge centre. My husband is my go-to-guy and together we explored the different insurances we needed including health, checked out life and cancer insurance, policies, Online Term Plan Plus and more. They truly empower me and complement me while I also try to do the same for them. Together we build a beautiful life helping each other.

Tell me about the wonderful men in your life.

4 thoughts on “#ABeautifulLife – Two Rocks Of My Life

  1. I have three wonderful men in my life – my father, my brother and my fiancee. I couldn’t agree more to what you have written, Naba. I feel lucky that I have not been subjected to gender inequalities in my family. The time should change and a day should come when I would consider it natural and not lucky that I am treated equal to my sibling or my male colleague.

  2. So lovely read more about your dad and S. What would we be without these wonderful men who support us? Stay blessed!

  3. Always a pleasure to hear about supportive men. I’m blessed to have the most amazing dad and an equally excellent husband although they are so distinct in their behaviour 🙂 You’ve inspired me right from the time you began blogging and that went up many notches when you continued to blog after M was born. Stay blessed.

  4. It’s heartening to read about supportive men who are strongly secure in their thinking to bring out the best in you. Cheers to them Naba. Loved reading about this.

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