#MeAndNature | Banjara’s – A Nature Based Brand


The answers to all the mysteries of the world lie with nature.


Take a long hard look around, beyond what is manmade, what do you see? Something long lasting, beautiful, pure and healing, isn’t it? Well, it is this very nature that the Banjara’s brand has taken as inspiration, something very sought after today.


The fact that healing, therapeutic and medicinal properties are found in natural ingredients is something which is very well known. The products from Banjara’s are made keeping this very detail in mind. Their endeavour is to make products filled with the goodness of nature. They use ingredients sourced from nature in all of their products and steer clear from any harmful artificial components. I like this concept because with everything being adulterated these days, it is a relief to find a brand that aligns itself away from artificial additives. Moreover, something natural is everlasting and I like that kind of promise from a product.


Another good thing about Banjara’s is that they have a product range that can cater to the whole family. As you have seen in the video above, they have products like Brazilian Black (Hair Dye), Face Wash (Multani + Orange), Face Pack (Multani + Papaya) & Hair Oil (Samvridhi). All of these made from the goodness of nature making it safe to be used. And all of these can be used by any member of the family. So, it is not only a brand that harnesses the good in nature but does so for all age groups or you can say the whole family.


Banjara’s products provides beauty without any harmful effects.


There’s also something else about Banjara’s which should make the animal lover in you happy to use it. It is one of those brands which has been listed under PETA’s cruelty-free companies as the products are not tested on animals. Yes, Banjara’s doesn’t  use any animal ingredients in any of its products. So, it is protecting the natural balance as well.


These products offer 3 in 1 benefits. Being all natural, their products are known for their purity. But that’s not all, they make sure that what ends up in the customer’s hands is of high quality too. Added to that they are also known for their efficacy.


As a brand, Banjara’s have an understanding of nature and that makes it easy for them to harness this bounty into products which can be used without worrying too much. I always like using products which don’t have too many chemicals in them. Herbal is what I always prefer. And now that I have a daughter, I’m more careful and choosy about anything I pick off the shelves. So, this is where Banjara’s scores point with me. Because they pride themselves on being a completely natural brand, I feel I can actually go ahead and try their products without being worried about a reaction. If you have sensitive skin like mine, you’ll know how important that is when it comes to any personal care product selection.


You can give it a try too if you are looking for a personal care brand which is completely nature based. And if you do, do share your thoughts with the rest of us for we would love to hear.


You can get the free samples here.