April 25, 2016

View From My Window - Small Town Life #MondayMusings

Sometimes the view may not be much but brings with it a treasure trove of memories.

It was raining very, very heavily that day in Guwahati. As I looked out from my mom's balcony, a cloudy city greeted me. And it took me in a downwards sprial, into the memory lane.

Growing up in Shillong, Meghalaya, this was the weather almost throughout the year. Chilly, wet, inviting green, beautiful in every way. Then the lightning, almost like a guardian warding off evil. Almost like a dragon protecting this town nestled in the hills, keeping the bad out and the good in. A quaint little hill station, my home for 18 long years.

Today, lost in the hustle and bustle of city life, saying that I miss it would be the understatement of the century. But I'm still going to say it.

I miss Shillong terribly.

I miss the person I was there. Untainted by all that is wrong with the world. Innocent, trusting. Naïve, perhaps. But I do miss living there.

Sometimes I actually wonder how life would have been if I never left. Sometimes I wonder if moving out of there was any good for my soul. While looking for opportunities, comforts and connectivity, sometimes I wonder if pace and serenity were what I lost in the bargain.

While undoubtedly I have gained so much, there are some important things that I had to leave behind. Can't have it all, can I?

I love Bangalore. I do. No two ways about it and I also get very annoyed when anyone tells me I'm an outsider. It's a city in my country so it's as much mine as it is someone else's who has been born and brought up there. I just hate it when people stoop to that level. They lose my respect. But I digress.

Point is, today Bangalore is my present and future. It is my home. But I do miss and reminisce about Shillong. Often.

I think a part of me is still there, walking it's streets and basking in the winter sun. A part of me is still walking through the meandering paths leading to the cottage I grew up in and the corridors of my school, sneaking out, bunking classes in junior college. I can still close my eyes and take a whiff of Shillong. So real and almost within my reach. I can almost hold it, if I want to.

Maybe it happens to all, the place you grow up never really gets detached from you. An invisible pull remains. Should remain. What are we if not connected to our roots?

What is it that I miss?

The simplicity of life in Shillong. The small town feel where you know almost every other person. And they know you too. The pace of life which actually allows relationships to grow. Where neighbors actually know each other. The gift of time for having a life. The freedom of not having to squeeze life in weekends. These are things that I wish I still had. These are the things I remember fondly.

I think a part of me also wishes to be closer to my roots. But what can you do? I can either have a career or not have one, if the choice lies between a city and Shillong. Not something I like but that's the truth.

Growing up we always wished to fly out of the nest. It couldn't have been sooner. That's how much we wanted to explore the world and see places. Grow, basically. But now that we are here, living a life that we perhaps dreamt of, in a city of our choice, we want to go back again. Strange, isn't it?

What about you? Do you miss the small town life too? Does your heart not crave the peace and quiet?

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April 22, 2016

#FridayReflections - A Letter To You


Yes, you.

Will you sit down and listen to me for a while. Just a short while. It won't take long. I promise.

How have you been?

These past few months have been quite life changing for you. Haven't they? Kind of challenging and overwhelming too?

Ofcourse, you knew this was on the cards. But being ready or prepared for something is not the same as living it. Ain't that right?

I know you have been doing the best you can. Surprising your own self at times, stretching your physical limits. Feeling a bit frustrated on occasions and then being full of guilt for actually letting yourself be so.

Well, here's what I wish to tell you. Just a few words you need to hear.

It's okay to be overwhelmed at times. You are tired, exhausted beyond the point you ever were before. So, you are allowed to be angry. Frustrated too. Don't be too harsh on yourself. Let things be. The release could actually benefit you.

You have also been thinking about the opportunities you missed out on in the last year or so. You don't want to but it's natural to feel that way. Again, don't beat yourself about it. You are human. It's only natural to feel bad when you miss out on something. But keep looking at the bigger picture. You know nothing really compares to it. No opportunity that has come so far even measures up to what you hold in your hands. That smile as you read this, says it all. Doesn't it?

What you should know and remember as well  is that you don't have to be perfect every walking moment of every day. You just need to be you. Just breathe and give yourself a break.

Cut yourself some slack. You can't do everything at the same time. If the house is in a mess, let it be so for a while. Dusting one day a week won't kill you. Nor will letting the clothes hang on the clothesline a little while longer. The kitchen doesn't need to be spotless all the time too. And please, you have a wonderful family who are ready to step in whenever you let them. So let them. Please.

Maybe it's time to see the beauty in the chaos.

Be happy. Be you.

Yours sincerely,

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Prompts for this week - 22 April :

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2. Write the words you need to hear.

3. Write a list of your top 11 travel tips.

4. Try your hand at writing a piece of fiction.

5. What do you love about life right now?

April 18, 2016

Bewitched If I May Be #MondayMusings #FridayReflections


Sometimes all I wish to do is sit in my chair, put one feet above the other, sip on my favourite drink and get every chore done at the twitch of my nose.

Yes, well, a girl can dream, can't she?

I was in school when I chanced upon the rerun of a show from the 1960s called Bewitched. It was about, well, a witch who had magical powers. And yes, you guessed it right, she could do just about anything she wanted just by twitching her nose. She, of course, tried never to use her powers once she married a mortal. But if I had been in her place, I would have never stopped. Why would I? Who gives up powers or as they say, superpowers? Surely not I!

While on most days I'm happy being the ordinary me, at times I do wish I had powers that make me, well, a superhero. I guess it's the same for everybody. There is a particular allure, mystery infact, to being one. And the want to be one? Well, even more. Isn't it?

No wonder, Marvel is making a ton of money playing on that very inclination of ours. Not that I have a problem with that. Anyway, I digress.

Growing up, a superhero meant magical powers. It meant someone invincible. Someone who stood up for what is right and always came out on the winning side. From Captain Planet to Centurians, X-Men to Spiderman, Swat Cats and more, these were characters whose lives I dreamt of leading. I don't know, maybe it was that age. Their adventurous lives, their heroic acts and basically everything enticed me.

I found my superheroes in books too. The Famous Five or Nancy Drew, that detective solving crimes or that woman planning the darkest of revenge, they weren't any less of a superhero to me. I think it was more about the things they did than powers, really.

While on most days I'm happy being the ordinary me, at times I do wish I had powers that make me, well, a superhero.

Today, many years later, the term superhero puzzles me. More so because it has safely been established that I have no superpowers. Well, if I had any, it was about time those came to my notice, don't you think? But alas!

Still that also doesn't mean that in some not-so-hidden corner of my heart, I don't harbour the wish to one day transform into a knife wielding, arse kicking, extraordinarily intelligent vigilante. A superwoman!

But what would I do then?

Off the top of my head, do something to prevent earthquakes! Well, if you must know, experiencing one after such a long time while on the 3rd floor of an apartment building has me slightly traumatised. So, that's a reason. But again I digress.

On a serious note though, perhaps be a better person? The 16-year-old me would agree. So, much negativity has seeped into me that sometimes I wonder if I can actually get back to being the past me. I really liked the past me, you know? And yes before you ask, I can't be much of a superwoman if I don't rectify the glitches in me. Can I?

Or, maybe a few flaws here and there might actually make me better? That could be my back story?

Anway, of all the superheroes, who would I like to be like?

I think it would be Iron Man, of-course. His wit, intelligence and sass, would certainly come in handy. And I'm sure I'd carry those well too. Well, at least I think I would. Though with the kind of temper I have, Hulk wouldn't be too far fetched an option as well. So, maybe I'd throw in that too. And fighting skills of Agent Romanov with the powers of Captain Planet. Maybe someone like Buffy, the Vampire Slayer? That would be awesome, wouldn't it? A cocktail of a superhero is what I'd be, I think. And if none of these work then just be happy to move the world at the twitch of my nose!

But seriously, I think it's the heart which makes one a superhero. What super power did Malala have? None. But today she inspires billions.

Intent, honesty with self, compassion and hard work makes one a superhero.

Every day I see so many around me.

  • A father who toils hard to ensure a secure future for his child.
  • A mother who balances home and work, again, for her child's future.
  • A husband who understands his wife and stands by her. A wife who does the same.
  • A soldier who protects his country.
  • A traffic policeman who works to prevent congestions and accidents come rain or sun.
  • A doctor who treats you.
  • A household help who helps you keep your house clean.
  • A friend who loves you selflessly.
  • A woman who chooses to complete her degree while journeying through middle age.
  • A man who does everything to ensure a speedy recovery for his wife on bed rest.

All of them and many more are heroes in their own right.

They are all living life right. I just want to be one among them. Do right, live right and be right. I just want to be the best possible version of myself. Be the best superhero, superwoman that I can be. And if that doesn't happen then an Iron Man cum Hulk would do! Or, maybe just Bewitched?


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April 12, 2016

#MondayMusings 50 Shades Of Love


What comes to mind when I say the word love?

Romantic candlelit dinner dates. A quick getaway to a beautiful hill station town. Movie outings. Conversations on the phone all through the night. Gifts, flowers, a few roses here and there. Some song dedications. A beautiful wedding. Honeymoon at an exotic location. Maybe a stolen kiss or two.

Sounds about right?

Well, while all these do stand for gestures of love, they don't even scratch the surface of it.

Love is the one encompassing emotion of all. Every other emotion you feel is either one form of love or in some way a result of it. It has layers just like an onion. Not a great analogy, I accept, but give it a chance.

So, yes, love has more layers than one, more than you know. You just keep discovering the various facets as you peel through it gradually. Some striking while some hidden and reclusive. Some loudly proclaiming their presence while some preferring a seat at the background.

The most beautiful thing about love for me is how seamlessly it assumes different forms. Through gestures really. Sometimes not even coming to the forefront. Yes, just remaining satisfied with being a shadow, basking in the glow of someone else's joy, success and just their safe life in general.

Love like air is always there, indispensable and there but not visible all the time. But still present and if you stop to acknowledge it, you can feel it too.

Oh the shades of love!

It is nothing but that..

When you don't forget to tell them to drive safe every time they are going somewhere.

In stolen glances which say it all when you are surrounded by family. A glance that says more than words sometimes. Thoughts in sync, to be precise.

When you don't even remember about your own progress or failures but theirs, just filled with joy at the success of the one you love.

The most beautiful thing about love for me is how seamlessly it assumes different forms.

When they bring home pizza for you on the same day you might be craving for some. A telepathic connection, probably.

When they make sure you always have a new eBook ready to satisfy the voracious reader in you. They know what you might need even before you do.

When you leave those last few crunchy fries you so love for them. But they don't eat it and leave for you instead. Then you just go around in circles asking each other to eat and finally ending up sharing it. Silly but speaks of care.

When they let you eat the burger they actually bought for them self. And then keep teasing you for it.

When they cuddle you back to sleep after you wake up in the middle of the night crying during pregnancy.

When pulling each other's legs, disagreeing for fun is done without any insecurity.

When you admire that they know the first vote in a general election in India was caste in Himachal Pradesh in the year 1951! Or, just when their mind sweeps you off your feet.

When they constantly keep telling you to make the most of your time while you are on a break, go to the spa or even eat all that you have been craving for at your mom's before going back home. The subtext of this all being that they are going to miss you while you are away.

When you ask them to be careful when they are out on a road trip with friends. Or, that they go for that IPL match with friends.

When you are happy to be with your family but not quite for you have to spend time away from that one person.

When you are happy being weird together.

All different, unique, yet in so many ways similar shades of love.

I think more than anything else, it's love which makes life beautiful. Now, it could be love for someone or something. But when that love surpasses the superficial or the customary, it moves beyond the ordinary. It is the force that balances all odds.

Tell me. 
Do you have someone who loves you so? And do you love someone this way too?

If you do, which I'm sure you do, you'll know what I have been talking about all throughout in this post.


April 7, 2016

Ugadi : A New Beginning

Source: https://pixabay.com/

Festival Season.

Ask your mom and at the mention of this, the first thing on her mind will be cleaning the house from scratch. Yes, the cleansing ritual, so to speak.

With Ugadi round the corner, this is something I was talking to my friend about the other day. In fact, she, along with her family, has been at it for the past week or so. Hence, you see how no festival can truly begin unless that special round of cleaning is done?

I think it is the same in every household. Isn't it?

In someways, it forms an integral part of ushering in all the positivity that accompanies a festival. It's also important because it symbolizes getting rid of all that is bad to make space for the good and the new.

Having said that, cleanliness must be a part and parcel of everyday living too and not just be restricted to the festival season.

As children, my sister and I would follow mom and dad, helping them as they went around cleaning the house before festivals. Whether it was lending a hand as they changed the curtains or watching them dust the whole house, we were always there by their side. In a way, that was also a kind of celebration for us. Doing something as a family, spending time together.

It taught us two things though. Being, in fact doing things, together as a family. And the need for a clean home.

It goes without saying that festivals are occasions to be celebrated but you can't do that if health is not by your side. And that probably has a lot to do with cleanliness. See there is always a reason to what our parents have been doing for ages?

Therefore I think, as we teach our children the importance of each festival, it is also imperative that we tell them about the indispensability of a clean home on a day-to-day basis.

It can be things like,

• dusting the furniture, walls and ceiling.
• sweeping even those unreachable corners.
• cleaning the bathrooms and the toilets.
• changing to fresh curtains, bed sheets, covers or pillow cases.
• decluttering and getting rid of unwanted belongings.

Each of this can and should be done as often as possible, not only during festivals. Each of this should be done with an eye towards health as well.

On a personal level, I always try to do so as much as humanely possible all through the year. After all, nobody likes to live in a home infested with cockroaches and covered with dust. And when it's festival season, it is no different either.

Living in the southern part of India, I get to witness and even celebrate a lot of festivals that are indigenous to this part of the world. One of them being Ugadi.

The name Yugadi or Ugadi is actually derived from two Sanskrit words - yuga and adi. Yuga meaning age and adi meaning beginning. So, this beautiful festival stands for a new beginning. In many ways, it symbolizes a fresh start.

The day starts early with oils baths as per rituals, the household thoroughly cleaned, colorful rangolis, the doors decorated with mango leaves and the Ugadi Pacchadi of course. Having friends from Karnataka, I'm lucky to have the opportunity to experience another color of India in this part of my country.

With fun, laughter and celebration in the air, how can I remain untouched?

Of course, I can't.

For the past few years, I have been celebrating it in my own way as well. Learning from my Kannadiga friends a few things here and there of course.

Actually, celebrations stem from the heart and are all about intentions, not so much about getting everything right. I make sure I clean my house too with a little more fervor at this time of the year. Yes, just like at the start of every other festival in my household. You can see me dusting, running around with Godrej Hit attacking the remnants of cockroaches or changing the home linens. It's a mad house but a fun house with everyone taking part. This time around more so. One can never be too careful with an infant at home, festival or not. With the Bengali New Year closely following Ugadi, it's an extended period of celebration actually. And I love every bit of it.

This festival season #SayNoToFoodPoisoning with Godrej Hit just as I am. Are you with me?

April 4, 2016

#MommyTalks : Too Pregnant To Travel

A million questions crop up in your mind when those pink lines of confirmation appear on a pregnancy test. How will your life change? Will you be able to fit into your clothes or will you be able to travel like you used to? The questions are endless and the answers, as I found out, limitless. It’s up to you though to pick the right ones and move along.

Now, every pregnancy is different. This is the very first thing I learnt when my pregnancy was confirmed. However, that never stopped people from bulldozing me with advice. Thankfully, though, I had decided quite early on to not let expertise based on Google search influence my actions during those 9 months. And as I type this with my 4-month-old on my lap, I can say I’m glad I didn’t.

Of all the advice that came my way, travel during pregnancy certainly was right at the top. You should not travel. Or, something like, how could you even think of travel at this point, were comments I had to hear often. So, today as I write this, I don’t want to burden you or come across as a know-it-all. Also, I don’t want this piece to be just another of those hundreds already thriving on the internet.

What I’m about to tell you is based on my very own experience. And personal experience, I have found, always makes a stronger case than a simple Google search. It is about the hows and whats of my travels during pregnancy. I hope it helps you plan and decide in your very own way.

The first thing you hear when you are pregnant is the need to avoid travel. That my friend is not true unless advised by your doctor. I think, if you are doing well health-wise, and you are not planning activities like climbing the Everest, traveling is very much feasible. Of course, you need to be extra cautious during the first trimester and, based on what most doctors advice, avoid it during the last trimester. But it still isn’t something which is completely off the table.

Every decision needs to be made from the point of view of your and your baby’s health.

I remember going on a trip to Goa when I was 20 weeks pregnant. All I had to do was talk to my doctor, get her go-ahead and I was ready to detox. Remember, pregnancy is one of the most difficult and stressful times in the life of a woman and what better than a short trip to help cope with that?

Also, being a working woman, I was office bound all through my pregnancy. While going to the office might not count as travel at other times, for a woman carrying a baby inside her, it certainly does.

If you are doing well health-wise, and you are not planning activities like climbing the Everest, traveling is very much feasible during pregnancy.

So, here are a couple of things that helped me during my travels while I was pregnant and maybe they could help you too someday. I don’t want to sermonize or say that my way is the best or the only way. It’s just what one pregnant woman did which might help out another.

So, travel during pregnancy?

One of the most important things to do is to consult your obstetrician/gynecologist about your pregnancy and if travel is an option open for you. Every decision needs to be made from the point of view of your and your baby’s health. So, only once he or she gives you the nod, you can move on the rest of things.

Once you cross the first hurdle, the mode of transport comes next. Now, I don’t have to tell you how very important that is. If you are traveling by road, then you need to make sure that the driver knows you are pregnant and drives accordingly, avoiding potholes and taking extreme care while going over speed bumps. If speed was not something to be cautious about before then it certainly becomes one during pregnancy. It could also help to take the road which is in a better condition than going for the worn-out shortcut. And always remember to put that seat belt on.

Air travel is also a very good option because it usually reduces the travel time and is often more comfortable than the former. Doctors usually advise not to fly post 36 weeks of pregnancy. Therefore, the best time to fly would be the second trimester. Long haul flights, however, are better avoided. But if absolutely necessary, I suggest break them up into several short ones with ample time for rest in between. Needless to say, you need to check with your doctor if air travel is safe for you.

If speed was not something to be cautious about before then it certainly becomes one during pregnancy.

From my own experience, long distance travels become extremely uncomfortable during pregnancy. It is a time when no position is comfortable even while sleeping let alone sitting. Hence, that along with being confined to an enclosed space is better avoided. However, if travel is still on the cards and cannot be done without, a couple of things like carrying a pillow for back support, drinking water and snacks, are a must.

Long haul flights, however, are better avoided. But if absolutely necessary, I suggest break them up into several short ones with ample time for rest in between.

Of the aspects common across most pregnancies, frequent trips to the restroom is one. Now, I don’t need to tell you how difficult bladder control is when you have a bun in the oven. It is always an emergency as if the baby is squeezing your bladder, squeezing hard too. The urgency and the reality of using the restroom is part and parcel to this journey. Hence, needs to be kept in mind when you are planning your travels. Also, you cannot use just any restroom because you are susceptible to infections too. I had to spend an entire week in the hospital suffering from extremely high temperatures owing to urine infection when I was 7 months pregnant. I could have avoided that if I had been more careful while using washrooms outside of my home. So, make sure you do not go to a place where hygiene is compromised and suffice to say, you also don’t go anywhere or on any trip where finding one becomes a challenge.

Well, those were just some of the things that I learnt while I was pregnant with my baby girl. I certainly hope it helps you in some way. Remember, consult your doctor and follow advice from everyone else after careful consideration, at your own discretion. It’s about your and your baby’s well-being at the end of the day.

To the pregnant ladies reading this, wish you safe travels during pregnancy.

And to the moms, tell me what did you do about traveling during yours?


April 2, 2016

March - The Month That Was

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There are days when I just sit marvelling at the beauty of lists. It was actually during my schooling years that I discovered the charm of making lists for the very first time. Everything mentioned one after the other, in order of importance or their need to be completed. The best aspect about the lists though was when I ticked off the completed tasks. Oh the joy. Indescribable!

I remember making so many such lists before exams, during exams and some even after exams. The control freak in me loved every bit of this process and years later, even today, lists continue to be an integral part of my life. But they aren't necessarily always about the things that need to be done. 

Sometimes they are also about the good things in my life. Sometimes they are about reassurance and positive reaffirmations, like a gratitude list.

Today, I make one such list. A feel good list to look back upon when I'm down and out. A feel good list looking back at the month gone by.

The month of March has always been about celebrations for me right from the very beginning. First it was all about birthdays, my sister's and mine. Then 2011 onwards, it also became the month when I took the wedding vows with S. This year too it was no different. Some quality time with family, sharing some love, good food and gifts ofcourse, was what my March was mostly about.

It was also my first birthday as a mother but it didn't really feel much different. Was it supposed to? I don't know. Maybe just one change, I no longer insisted on cutting a cake. Knowing me, that's a huge, huge change. Perhaps motherhood has something to do with it. Or, maybe I was just too lazy for it.

This March also brought along some wonderful evenings of watching Cricket and rooting for our team. There's something about sports which unites us across ideologies and petty differences. And I loved that about these past few days. The best part was watching the match with my family at home and with my online friends on Twitter. You should try it, it's like watching with the whole of India. Joy all the way round.

With March I also completed the 4th month of my maternity leave. 3 more months to go before I join back work. I'm actually looking forward to it. Ofcourse leaving M in the crèche is also not a comfortable thought. But there are somethings we just need to do. I'm actually looking forward to being a working mother, the challenge has me excited. Nervous too but excited nonetheless.

Anyways, before joining back work, I'm on my way to mom's. I'll be spending my entire April there. Lots and lots of Bengali cuisine ( read fishes) is what I'm really looking forward to. What can I say, I just love my food!

I'm truly grateful about having the luxury of staying on loss of pay and spending some quality time with my family, going on vacation. Trust me when I say this, not everyone is as lucky.

Well, that was my March. How was yours?

My Little List Of Gratitude

• Quality time with family.
• Birthdays, anniversaries which means we celebrated love.
• A job that lets me be on Loss Of Pay and do what I need to do before I join back.
• The luxury of taking Loss Of Pay and not having to worry about it. Touchwood.
• Supporting India and enjoying the matches.
• A new wonderful phone to keep my Social Media ON.
• Another Kindle. This one lets me read in the dark. So, awesome all the way to the end.
• Guest posting for Literary Monday Musings.
• Traveling home.
• Vacation time.
• First flight with M which actually went very smoothly.
• Watching the family plan celebrations for M. She's so lucky to have so much love showered on her.

Well, that was my feel good list. Time for you to share yours.

March 28, 2016

How Do I Make My 4-Month-Old Fall In Love With Reading?

This week I'm joining the wonderful people at Literacy Musing Mondays with a guest post where I talk about my desire to make my baby fall in love with reading. Emergent literacy skills are so important and encouraging reading at a young age is central to ensuring your child is a lifelong reader. I'll share some insights on emergent literacy in infants and I hope you enjoy my post.

Emergent Literacy

How Do I Make My 4-Month-Old Fall In Love With Reading?

Author and mother who loves reading to her baby to encourage emergent literacy skills

As I type this, my four-month-old daughter sleeps, blissfully unaware of the world she is in, with my kindle right next to her. Two of my most favorite things in the world, right where I want them. As I look at her, I wonder if she’ll also grow up to be like her mom, always a book, or now kindle, by her side. I wonder if she too will fall in love with reading and live her happily ever after amidst pages of written words. And then a question pops up in my mind.

How do I make my four-month-old fall in love with reading?

Call me crazy but I really, really want to show her this world of books. I want her to experience the need to read just one more page before turning in for the night. I don’t just want to introduce her to this amazing world of books but I want her to feel it, love it and connect with it too.

But, what can I do to make her see reading the way I do?

You have no idea how much I have pondered on this. All through my pregnancy and every day these past four months since I first held her in my arms. And then it hit me. Maybe the answer lies in my childhood. It was what you call the eureka moment.

If I remember correctly, I was about two and a half to three years old when my dad first started telling me stories while feeding me. It was his way to get around my tantrums while eating. The tales he wove were my reward for behaving at the dinner table. As days passed, I found myself eagerly waiting for meal time with dad. Not for the food but for the next new story that he had in his repertoire. I was hungry to hear more, imagine more. I think that was the whole reason books became my best friends when I was old enough to read. I wanted to hear more stories so I started looking for them in books. And I don’t know when but reading became an inseparable part of me. So, I think I know where I have to start.

Makes stories her reward. The sooner the better.

When my daughter is old enough to understand, I’ll start with telling her stories that I grew up on. A story or two while tucking her in, one while getting her to eat her food and maybe even while driving her to the creche. The point is to make her see stories as a reward, as a gift and make her yearn for it. So, every time she does something that deserves an accolade, encouragement, I’ll offer her a story too. Maybe then she’ll grow an appetite for more which in turn will lead to reading when the time is right.

To pique her interest in reading, I need to read in front of her, with her.

One of the things that children do always is take after their parents. They have a keen sense of observation and nothing escapes their inquisitive eyes. That is something I plan to play on to get the reading bug to bite her. I never ever go to bed without reading a few pages. This is my nightly ritual. Even if I’m dog tired, I do it. So, maybe when she sees me do it every day, she’ll do the same. It could be our mother-daughter thing at the end of the day, read books together.

Introduce her to the amazing word of bookstores.

When you have kids, trips to the amusement park, the movie hall where, say, the Kung Fu Panda is being played or even the Dunkin Donuts, become a norm. These are things that kids enjoy and look forward to doing. So, I think along with these trips to bookstores, if done right, could also make introducing them to reading much easier. And to achieve just that, I plan to take my daughter to a bookstore at least once every month. It could be another of those things that we do as a mother-daughter duo, just spend hours and hours lost in aisles of books, with books. So many stories under one room. That ought to entice her, right?

It’s not that I wish to shove reading forcefully down her throat. I want to do it right because I know how wonderful it is. And it’s not just discovering stories or leading many lives by virtue of these stories that I want her to grown fond of. There’s more to it. Reading equips you better for life, I feel. And I want that for her. I want books to be her friends too and we all know that’s a lasting bond.

So, tell me, do you have any suggestions for me? How can I help my daughter discover the beauty of this magical world of books and reading?

You may have noticed we delayed our start of Literacy Musing Mondays to early Monday morning to honor the Easter Holiday. I hope you had a wonderful time with your family.

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