January 28, 2015

Dear Pimple, it's Over!

Dear Pimple,

The very first time I heard about you was as a 10 year old girl. I was told that you would come into my life when I become a teenager. And that it would be a momentous occasion in my life. So I waited, and anxiously too, for you. Silly me! I was so eager to grow up that I thought you were a friend, not a foe. Of course, now I know that I shouldn't have! At that point in time, I guess, I didn't know better. So when my friends came to school with stories of visits by you, I would silently wonder about what I had done to offend you? The fact that you eluded me, disturbed me. Was something wrong, I often pondered? This continued for years and eventually I stopped waiting for you altogether.

I had grown wiser and realized how lucky I had been to not have crossed paths with you. But as luck would have it, you did pay me a visit finally. A little late, yes, but even so. It was during my first year in Bangalore. And now I must say not knowing you was something I’d choose over knowing you any day.

All those times you called on me have been, let’s just say, very unpleasant. The redness and marks you brought along made it a nuisance to say the least. And to top it all, your habit of appearing at the most awkward of moments strained the relationship further. I remember you paying me a visit a few days before my wedding too. Boundary issues, yes you have it too. So, of all the occasions, you also emerged threatening my sanity on a day I could have very well done without you. But I didn’t suffer silently, did I? Because I had the weapon to fight you with, to ward you off and I still do. My trusted face wash, often Garnier PureActive Neem too.


Today I write to you to end this on and off relationship between us. And since I know the reason for your visits, I must tell you that I’ll ensure that I give you no cause to. While I was in Shillong the lack of pollution protected me from your wrath. In Bangalore, the dust and pollution make it a little hard I agree. But since I carry a face wash with me always, I think staying away from you won’t be much of an issue. When I won’t allow dust and it’s accomplices to settle on my skin, you’ll also not be able to pay me a visit, will you?

With you, dear pimple, the day begins on a depressing note. So I ensure, and will too in the future, that I don’t give you a chance to ruin my day. By now you know that come hell or high water I’ll always use a face wash because I have no wish to get to know you any better. We really have nothing in common to meet that often. I think, thus, this is the end for us.

Take care and let’s not meet again ever!


January 24, 2015

Blogging On-the-Go with ASUS EeeBook

Being a blogger comes with certain quirks, if I may say so. Actually if you are one you'll know very well what I really mean when I say that a blogger is constantly on the lookout for ideas to write. And it doesn't really happen consciously. In fact, it's more like an inbuilt mechanism most of the time. Hence, subconscious would perhaps be the right way to describe this innate urge to find something, in fact anything, in perhaps nothing. Writing becomes such an integral part of your life that you can't help but look at the world differently. Everything that happens has a subtext for you. You are more observant and you even deduce more than the person next to you. And being a blogger myself, it's the same with me too. So yes I am guilty of looking for inspiration in anything and everything around me. And when I get it, all I want to do is write it down immediately. You know, just take it all out before it escapes. Probably this is why if I had to chose between ASUS EeeBook X205TA and ASUS All In One PC ET2040, I'd go for the former.

Before I proceed let me tell you about those features of ASUS EeeBook X205TA which appealed to me the most. Or, perhaps I should say which appealed to the blogger in me the most.

Optimized battery life for all-day computing with 12 hours for web browsing, 13 hours for MUSIC and 11 hours for VIDEO playing. Now, this makes it perfect for On-the-go computing. Just last week while I was in Goa, I realized how a day at beach was full of inspiration for me. All I wanted to do was sit by the shore and write to my heart's content. I know you might think why do I even want to write while on a beach. But that's just me. A peaceful day by the sea, writing stories while listening to music is what my ideal vacation is made up of. And that is why I feel that ASUS EeeBook X205TA would be perfect for me. With it I wouldn't have to worry about a charging point when I'm outside, like a beach for example. I could just take it with me and write when I want to, where I want to.

Compact and lightweight; less than 1 kg actually. Now this brings with it the ease of carrying the EeeBook. I could take it with me almost everywhere. In fact, I could carry it with me on Volvo buses while commuting from one end of Bangalore to the other. Imagine, how much time I could utilize having this with me!

"A peaceful day by the sea, writing stories while listening to music is what my ideal vacation is made up of. And that is why I feel that ASUS EeeBook X205TA would be
perfect for me."

But that's not all. The ASUS EeeBook X205TA has several other features which makes it a great pick.

  1. Windows 8.1
  2. Intel Gen7 Graphics
  3. 2 GB DDR3 1600
  4. 32 GB EMMC
  5. Dark Blue/Red/Gold/White
  6. Ultra thin design - Only 1.75 cm
  7. Quad core processor for smooth multitasking performance
  8. 36% larger touchpad
  9. ASUS Web Storage - 500 GB free for 2 years
  10. Microsoft One Drive - 1 TB free for 1 year
  11. 29.4cm (11.6) HD Glare display with a narrow bezel design

Since I like to spend most of my time writing I need to have something like the ASUS EeeBook X205TA with me at all times. The blogger in me, in fact, is quite intrigued by it. My life as a blogger necessitates certain things, one among which is the ability to be connected on the go. And the other being able to carry my laptop with me anywhere I go. And thus the Eeebook without doubt is my device of choice. In fact, one of the things I like to do is write sitting under the sun in my balcony and I could do that too with a lot of ease with ASUS EeeBook X205TA.

So that was about my pick. Tell me which one would you choose? The Sleek and Powerful ASUS EeeBook X205TA or the Ultra-Portable and Perpetually connected ASUS All In One PC ET2040?


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Lazy in Love

Valentine’s Day. There was a time when just the mere mention of it was enough to send the excitement chain scurrying. The butterflies in the stomach, the anticipation and apprehension all muddled together, so hard to make one out from the other. Honestly those were such special days; so very fresh still in my heart. It all began around those mischievous teenage years. Cupid and crushes suddenly assumed paramount importance. It could have been due to the fairy tales or plain old hormones, who knows? What I do know is that Valentine’s Day emerged out of nowhere to suddenly capture my fancy big time. And the weather, how can I forget the weather which used to be such a tease even then? Pleasantly chilly almost hugging spring, yes that made it even more magical. Oh the things I did!
Source : Indiblogger
I remember our school reopening after the long winter vacations around Valentine’s Day, the valentine week to be precise. During those days I had my fair share of crushes from those silly boys’ schools in town. Of-course, the crush changed almost every year, nevertheless it was so much fun. Those were the days when stolen glances were priceless. In fact, even passing by your crush on the street on Valentine’s Day was a celebration on its own. And when school gave way to college, the matter intensified further. Waiting for proposals, dropping hints to finally spending the day watching a romantic flick in the hostel with friends, things changed but the allure persisted.

"After all these years together I also know what reply to expect from him; either the characteristic ‘hmmmm’ or ‘too’ against a love you from my end."

And then in the year 2007, I celebrated my first Valentine’s Day with S. The gifts followed by a lunch and movie date; I still remember how thrilled I was at the end of the day. Little did I know then that this boy would be the man in my life? And now 8 years later, another Valentine’s Day is around the corner. Such a long time has passed and yet it seems just like yesterday. So much has changed and yet so much hasn't. And today he is still my crush even though in all technicalities he’s also the husband now. So if I have to propose to him again after all these years I think I’d do it the same way, the very way it all happened the first time around.

SMS. Yes, I’ll just send him one saying a few special words. Of-course, after all these years together I also know what reply to expect from him; either the characteristic ‘hmmmm’ or ‘too’ against a love you from my end. But then that’s the S I know. I wouldn't have it any other way. And then we’ll just be lazy together. He’ll play Frontline Commando on his iPhone while I’ll read a book with the television playing in the background. Talking to each other from time to time we’ll suddenly realize that we are hungry and rush to order food in a jiffy. Yes, that’s how I’ll do it, in our very own lazy way, over and over again. I know it’s weird and unconventional, but it’s the togetherness that matters more to me now more than anything else. It’s our kind of zany, you know?

From the silly girl with magical notions of love to a grown up fool, still a staunch believer in love but with saner ideas perhaps, I have changed a lot over the years. And today Valentine’s Day for me is just being with S, having him around and going about our lives together. And he knows that very well and I take comfort in the fact that he does.

So folks a happy Valentine’s Day in advance from me to you and yours. Stay blessed and stay loved!

January 22, 2015

Littered Bharat?

Have you heard about 'The Great Indian Litterbug'? No? But how is that even possible? Wait, you must have at least seen him around you? In your neighborhood or just out on the streets? No? Well, that's a little strange. Not to worry though I'll help you with de-cluttering your mind.

Does the image of your neighbor throwing garbage out of her balcony ring a bell? Or, does the image of a guy using the footpath to relieve himself sound vaguely familiar? Yes? See I knew it! They are the superheros whose powers lie in spreading mess where ever they go. They are the real reason why dumpster photography is on the list of every tourist landing in this country. They are the apes with the invisible capes which makes them believe that they are born for one sole purpose, to litter and clutter. A power which they actually take very seriously as they walk among you humming 'Let's spray, let's spray some more'!


In India, you are either the litterbug or the unassuming tourist. The fact is a very, very long time ago, the people of this country had been bitten by a bug, a very benign one at that. And over the years it has managed to achieve pandemic proportions, in ways unimaginable really. Today the litterbug is the alter ego of every proud Indian. But not to worry for it's the bug to have been bitten by. In fact, it's perhaps the mother of all bugs you could ever be bitten by. Yes that just about describes it right. And now when I'll talk about the symptoms I bet you'll find yourself nodding along too.

You are a litterbug when you love to hate walking up to the garbage bins. You consider it a waste of your time and against your litterbug-dom! In fact, I have one living right next door. He tip toes in the early morning hours, walks four steps out of his door and stealthily places his black garbage bags next to my main door. Every morning I wake up to find his offering at my door step. He's the superhero I aspire to be if only I had it in me to wake up early.

You are definitely a litterbug when you have the passion for placing garbage bags in corridors or parking lots. It is a treasure hunt to you, finding the best spot to dump your rubbish. And you most certainly belong to this elite club when dropping garbage bags out of your balcony becomes your favorite pass-time. In the darkness of the night, when your unassuming apartment-mates go around brisk walking, you sacrifice those healthy walks for something more important. Yes, you do it for dumping precious litter on their unsuspecting heads. This because you believe in littered India. And that's also when you achieve martyrdom among the litterbugs. But that's not all. When you throw banana peels, empty coffee cans, wrappers and more out of your car with unparalleled panache, you become a member of this coveted tribe. And as a litterbug you can be an artist too. Yes, paan spitting becomes your way of spray painting the walls. You do it while walking, while driving and even while sitting in theaters, leaving your mark everywhere you go.

So now do you recognize the litterbug in you? If not, then do it soon for the littering shouldn't stop come what may! Remember the litterbugs need you to let littered bharat stay littered!

Here's a video on The Great Indian Litterbug for you.

On a serious note, please avoid littering. Don't be a Litterbug!

January 20, 2015

Do you know how memories are made?

What are some of the things most precious to you? Family? Yes, that makes sense. But if I were to ask you about something intangible what would your answer be?

I’ll leave it to you to contemplate on this. But do you want to know what my answer would be? Memories. Yes, memories for me are those fine threads that weave life, strand by strand.

The strange and perhaps magical thing about memories is that the best ones are formed when you least expect. They tip toe into your hearts and almost instantly form a rapport with you, tugging forever, keeping you connected to parts of yourself from the past.

Imagine a life devoid of memories. What would it be like? Very close to a life lost, even before you cross over, don’t you think so? Memories are your silent companions, always there by your side. You can count on them to enrich your lives. With memories by your side you can never be lonely even if alone. With memories by your side you’ll always have a page to turn back to, to relish and relive. And that’s why forming memories is so important. They bring along the gift of camaraderie and lifelong ties.

Moments which seem insignificant often make for splendid memories. Something like a father-daughter duo spending an entire day at the beach could very well be one. He teaching her tricks of having fun with the waves, swimming together. He holding her tightly when the waves seem too big for her. Carefully allaying her fears when she’s too scared and at times even carrying her on his back as they float about teasing the waves. The sun shining, almost as if smiling at their nonchalance, oblivious to the world. Running about in the sand, building castles. Collecting shells together as if precious stones. An ordinary day such as this on the beach is what memories are made of. And for a father and daughter this is nonpareil.

And bonds and memories even grow together, simultaneously. When a 5 year old Geronimo spends an entire day at the beach with two of his cousin brothers in tow that’s when their rapport gets cemented for life, memories defined. Running tirelessly from one end to the other. Testing the cold sea waters with his brothers, pulling out strange things from it and having a blast dragging those around. Playing in the sand and even sampling it at times to see what all the fuss is about. It becomes even more special when he goes about doing all these things buck naked, without a care in the world, because someday in the future this will be a day they recall while pulling each other’s legs.

"Every ordinary day is a memory. But no memory is ever ordinary."

On my beach retreat last week I saw many such memories being made. Sisters and girlfriends spending their day swimming, talking, drinking and clicking pictures of each other. Young couples stealing a moment or two together, a temporary stop in perhaps their very hectic lives. Aged couples reminiscing about their glorious years as one, hoping to gaze at many more beautiful sunsets together. Kids playing and perhaps enjoying the most among the entire lot. And I was there too stealing away priceless moments with S.

Memories made are invaluable instants saved to be lived through again in the future. So what are you waiting for? Go make some memories. Go on. Go!

January 14, 2015

Come live Quikr in Bangalore!

I have been in Bangalore for over 7 years now. And I think that certainly qualifies me as a Bangalorean and I have to tell you I absolutely love it. When I look back at my time here, I can't help but feel emotional. My first job, some great friends, the sense of independence that comes from living alone, starting my married life, buying my own apartment, Bangalore has give me all of these and more. And I also know that there is still so much more to look forward to. So if you ask me which is the best city in India, you won't be too surprised if I say Bangalore, would you? So if you are contemplating a relocation to my city then I'd say what are you waiting for? And if you need a small nudge in the right direction then let me just tell you there's nothing to worry. Come here without any hesitation because it's just Quikr in Bangalore.

Setting up a new life in a new city isn't a piece of cake. Yes, it's exciting but nerve-wrecking nerve-racking at the same time. There are so many things one needs to take care of or arrange. Finding your way around the new city is one of those very challenging and important things. And more so when you need to find a grocery store, domestic help, maids, plumbers, taxi rentals, doctors, parlours and the likes. There are so many things to do that sometimes it can get to be a little too much, especially when you have to juggle multiple things alone. That's when you need a friend, a helping hand. And in Bangalore Quikr can be that friend for you, apart from me of-course!

Let's talk about some of the things you would require as a new comer in Bangalore city.

The first thing would perhaps be a place to stay. Very obvious and natural, right? And Quikr has it all listed for you; apartments on rent or sale. All you need to do is click here.  In a new city where you hardly know a soul, this can be very helpful. Don't you think so too?

Conveyance is another aspect that you would need to take care of. But don't you worry Quikr has that sorted as well. Car, motorcycles or even bicycles, you name it and Quirk can help you get it. You just need to take a look here.

I had moved to Bangalore as a fresher and every year I see hundreds of freshers converging into this city just like I had at one point in time. And do you know what they need most? Of the top of my head, I'd say kitchen appliances and furniture. And needless to say they always look out for slightly cheaper options which is understandable on a fresher's salary. But then there's no need to make that a cause for concern, is it? Certainly not because Quikr has the solution for that as well!

What I like most about Quikr, and I hope you will too, is the live chat functionality for some of the services and products. It's quite dynamic. Just the other day I was looking for a carpenter and Quikr came to my rescue. I fixed the service after a chat and I have to tell you I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of solution provided.

There are so many services you need at home and at the weirdest of moments. In those times, you might not always have a number handy. But not to fret, just do a search on Quikr and I'm sure you'll find what you are looking for.

So if you are planning to come down to Bangalore, do it quickly and be aided by Quikr in the process. Yes, come live Quikr in Bangalore.

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January 13, 2015

#KhudKoKarBuland: Some forethought to safeguard your dreams

Uncertainty is perhaps one of the basic facets of life and a stubborn one at that. While at one moment everything can be hunky dory, the dominoes can fall at the very next leading to a catastrophe. You never can predict when and how your life will change. And I'm talking about the surprises life is known to hurl your way and especially the unpleasant ones. The best and most sensible thing to do therefore is to be prepared. Don't they say hope for the best but prepare for the worse? I think that's what I want to say more than anything else. And no, I don't mean to scare you. Not at all. It's just that you need to step forward in life with a security blanket. You should prepare yourself in such a way that come what may you can still move forward fearlessly. And of-course, this will also help you to sleep peacefully at night. I think the phrase in hindi 'Khud Ko Kar Buland' loosely translated to 'make yourself strong', says it all.

"Protect your dreams, save them from being hijacked by the uncertainty of life."

The video (at the beginning) by Birla Sun Life Insurance says something along the same lines. The father in this video finds out that his son is autistic. His wife being no more, he could have panicked, even gone berserk with worry. And it would have been understandable too. But on the contrary he starts planning to provide his son a good life at any cost. Even when he loses his job, he doesn't give up because his meticulous planning has given him the margin for such eventualities. He has his contingency plan ready and so should you. In the troubled waters of life he has made sure his lifeboat is around; something that you need to make sure of too.

Prevent your life from being hijacked. Plan ahead!

While money is not everything in life, it definitely is one of those essentials you can't possibly do without. You never can tell when a bus will hit you or when you will fall prey to a disease, can you? More often than not you can't even guarantee your job security. Treatment of sudden unexpected medical ailments of your family members also doesn't come cheap. Then there can be the repayment of loans which can be a huge problem for your family if unfortunately one day you are suddenly gone. You see this fellow reaper and bad luck are often in cahoots with each other; always working to ruin your plans. Hence,you need to be ready for any eventuality; you need to make yourself strong financially so that neither your life nor the lives of your loved ones are ever disrupted due to the lack of financial security.

Lead a life without fear. Be prepared.
Pixabay Credit

I don't think there can be any two ways about the importance of insurance, the importance of planning for hard times. Protect your dreams, save them from being hijacked by the uncertainty of life. It's never too late to plan. Don't wait for something to hit you out of the blue, be ready for it. In fact, make 'khud ko kar buland' one of the mantras of your life. As you walk the tightrope of life make sure you have the safety harness fastened. With that taken care of you can keep walking without having to worry at every step. It's all about planning so that when your worst nightmares come true, you will not be caught unawares. Some forethought is all that is needed. Plan to be strong, plan to lead a life without fear. Khud kor kar buland! Khud ko kar buland!


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